I can’t believe this happened on my stage

I’m continuing to bask in the AWESOMENESS we created at Women’s Leadership Summit. raquel Every year I’m blown away by the vulnerability and Goddess power that we unfold in the room… over 400 Goddesses to be exact.

This year something magical happened that brought most women in the room to tears. (Including me).

So, at one point in the weekend retreat, I made an offer for women to study with me for a year. Then, I opened up a discussion about the offer.

I asked the room… What judgments and projections went on for you when I offered my program? (I know, most facilitators might not take this approach, but I believe it’s these authentic conversations that provide the biggest learning.)

I find that when we can have a real conversation about offers and sales… we learn SO much, and clear our own fear of being “salesy”.

Raquel Neal stood up and said that she had resistance coming up to the offer.

Then Raquel admitted she felt compelled to study with us because she needed the support to get her business going.

However, she had already invested in a shorter course with us, and she was resistant to invest more when she hadn’t even had time to implement what she had learned in our shorter course.

Makes sense, right?

I get it. It turns out that Raquel is a single mom, working 2 jobs, one of them is for Child Protective Services.

This woman is a bad ass of magnitude, raising her kids and harboring a secret dream to launch a business supporting moms like her.

As we unpacked what Raquel really wants, we landed in the truth, that this woman has a business dream, and she’s wildly independent, like most women I know, she has a deep seeded belief that she has to do it all herself.

I asked her when was the last time she asked for help?

Tears began to stream down her face.

She gets a “melt your heart” look on her face and says: “Ya’ll could help me join Sage’s program!”

One woman in the audience stands up with a $100 bill and says “I will!”

200+ women stream toward the stage with money falling out of their hands, as they shove it toward Raquel & myself with teary eyes and big smiles. “Live your dream!” They’re telling Raquel.

We raised nearly $5000 for Raquel to invest in a year of mentorship with us this year.


This tribe, this group of women that gathers in the name of this work, is a breed of Goddess power that seems to get stronger and more clear every year.

I’m blown away by you, and by our commitment to band together as women and create miracles in the sisterhood like the ones I’ve seen.

Women just go further when we grow businesses together. There’s a Harvard Study that shows that when women train together, we go further. Even the most successful and professional women will take themselves down a few notches in the presence of most men, and in addition to that… when women train together, we accomplish more.

What happened in that room wasn’t isolated to this one event. The magic that unfolds when women get solid business strategy paired with a committed sisterhood is through the roof, ever year.

If you’re curious about whether studying with us in one of our programs might be a fit for you, click here to chat with one of our coaches.

Let us know what you learned from this article below- and how it can support you to have breakthroughs with YOUR clients.

And in the meantime, I’m sending this one out to Raquel… Girlfriend it’s going to be a GOOD year. Let’s rock this thing… together.

Love you,

PS. If you don’t have a business plan, and you can relate to Raquel’s story of needing support, click here to chat with one of our coaches to explore the options we have to get you the tribe, and the structure to rock your business this year.

Click here to head over to the WOMEN Rocking Business Sisterhood Page to Network with & Get support from an amazing group of GLOBAL Women Speakers & Entrepreneurs who are committed to changing the world together.

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