Celebrating My Amazing Team & Planning Ahead for 2022

I’m kicking off this week feeling uplifted, supported, and amazed. 

A few days ago, my team and I met in sacred space at our annual team retreat. It’s the first time we’ve been able to gather since COVID first hit 2 years ago and we pivoted our entire business together. 

When the world shut down live events… we had a lot of work to do.

We were a company that utilized a LOT of LIVE STAGES – so every protocol and system we had ever created needed to be RETOOLED to meet this new virtual world. 

I’m so proud to say that we’ve accomplished this. In fact, here’s a glimpse of what we’ve done to continue to support you…

  • Pivoted our live training business model to VIRTUAL & HYBRID, so we can continue to serve you to build your business based on love & generosity.
  • We’ve grown a strategic online business at a time when many companies are closing down so we can give you the tools to do the same. 
  • We committed to uplevel our training and humanitarian work EACH YEAR to help you change lives & give back philanthropically as a way of growing your brand and your biz. 

We laughed. We cried. We strategized. We shared so much love.

We took a stand to overcome our overwhelm, create a culture of support & love, and take a deeper dive into our leadership. 

We linked arms and stepped into a higher place of collaboration, communication, and flow.

We also set our goals and intentions for next year, and strategized the new premier program to help you make money & rock the stage in 2022. (More details coming soon!)

We talked about how to extend our love to our clients and community members on an even deeper level as we enter the New Year.

I’m so grateful for this team. 

This team is powerful.

They keep it real & humble.

They see things I don’t see. 

Having a team allows you to be in your zone of genius… to collaborate in honor of your big vision, and to RECEIVE in a BIG WAY. 

I invite you to even begin to see your business as a mechanism to change your clients lives, AND to CHANGE THE LIVES OF TEAM members who WILL come in to support you… 

Nobody does it alone, sister.

Don’t even try!

Collaboration is more fun – so BUILD IT IN!

YOU do not have to do it all alone this week. 

Start small. If you have a team member, confide in them. Be generous with them. If your business isn’t there yet… consider starting with a trade with a friend and take turns commenting on each other’s social media posts & interviewing each other on Facebook. 

Take turns calling each other’s masterclass registrants to warm them up. GET GOING IN COLLABORATION. 

TRUST ME – It’s worth it! 

I’m so honored to have a group of leaders like this, working together to contribute to the great global shift that so many of us are ushering in right now.

We really are the rising tide that lifts all boats.

Comment below if you want to connect with someone from the Women Rocking Business community to trade support as you get your business going!

>>>Join our 50,000+ Sisterhood to start collaborating now!

Let’s do this thing…together.


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6 months ago

Wow this was so heartwarming! Sage, I love your team too! Thank you TEAM WRB!

I really appreciate how you linked this back to “Collaboration” with specific tools for us like

“commenting on each other’s social media posts”
“interviewing each other on Facebook”
“Take turns calling each other’s masterclass registrants to warm them up”

These are straight up GEMS! Thanks SAGE!!

You are so right, we can’t do this together so why ARE we trying?
I’m ready for more collaborations!

<3 <3 <3

6 months ago

Thank you Sage, this is a BRILLIANT reminder if how you can collaborate right from the beginning – love it, ❤

6 months ago

A big YES to collaboration. Thank you team WRB, that I’m now able to ask for and give this so crucial, feminine way of doing business.
Love you all <3

Kim Chatman
Kim Chatman
6 months ago

Hi Sage. Kim Chatman here. The story warmed my heart and it is so who I am at every level. I would love to partner up with one of the sisters especially someone who is 50+ and has an autoimmune disease ( that is my niche. I am in the PT zone. I was a RN in my past life an had to give it up due to Multiple Sclerosis. I am transitioning my genius and gifts to coaching now. I would love to have some one to interview, practice coach, get feedback and also help them with whatever it may be they need help with. It would also be great to develop a long term friendship which is something I am really looking for too. I am so excited to meet SisterS!! I don’t know if putting my email is appropriate so I will hold on that and just check my response to this email or on your FB group. I don’t check every day so don’t be alarmed if I don’t respond right away. Kim

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