Confession: I was SO jealous…

Have you ever felt jealousy because something awesome happened for a friend in their

My dear friend and colleague Sharla Jacobs and I hung out last weekend and made this impromptu video to share a story about our jealousy toward each other…and what happened when we admitted it.

I hope this serves you to let go of ego, of stories… and to gather and lean into a tribe of women who you can be REAL with in business.

So much love,

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9 months ago

Thanks for sharing 😊 such great advice ❤️ I’ve felt jealous many times but it wasn’t in a bad way with any negative feelings towards whomever it was at the time and I’ve always felt happy etc for them sooo there you go lol that was my GREEN LIGHT which makes complete sense to me now. I was inspired 💟☮️☯️♾️🦂👋🙌✨💪♀️

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