Creating a Committed Business with Lynne Twist and Sage Lavine

I’m joined by one of my favorite humans in the world, Lynne Twist.

Lynne is a recognized global visionary dedicated to alleviating poverty, ending world hunger, and supporting social justice and environmental sustainability… all causes that are close to conscious women entrepreneurs. 

She is a philanthropist with a deep understanding of the relationship with money and profound insights of our global social tapestry.

She is the most influential money mentor in my life, guiding my transition from a schoolteacher making $28k a year to a CEO of a 7-figure training company. We’ve traveled to Ecuador together to support women in the rainforest. She is also one of my dearest friends.

In this interview, Lynne is shedding light on women’s history… and where we’re headed next in this important chapter. We’re also talking about her new book, Living a Committed Life.

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Here are a few of my favorite takeaways from this inspiring interview with Lynne.

#1. Surrender to the New Era

Lynne says we’re entering the “Sophia Century,” a 100-year cycle when women will take our rightful place in equal partnership with men and create balance on our planet.

We’re in the 3rd century of the 3rd millennium, and the work we’re doing right now will determine humanity’s trajectory. 

It’s no accident the universe is calling women to rise up and give our gifts. It’s our time to surrender to that calling, even if it feels scary or uncomfortable. (Remember, the Pachamama Alliance tapped Lynne on the shoulder when she was fully committed to ending world hunger in other parts of the world.)

#2. Recognize the Rebirth

When a woman becomes pregnant, she feels ill.

She navigates pregnancy, which is challenging. 

She gives birth, which is incredibly painful.

But the pain results in new birth, new life, and the next generation.

Lynne believes the planet experienced morning sickness during the global pandemic. (She refers to it as “mourning” sickness, because it resulted in grief over the loss of our loved ones and the closure of many businesses.)

The planet is beginning to prepare us for an evolutionary rebirth… and it’s coming through the feminine. 

Just like birth, the woman plays the leading role (even though men are essential to the process too.) Remember, the more it hurts, the closer we are to birth and new life.

Pain pushes until vision pulls. 

#3. Create Your Legacy

Here’s a powerful reminder from Lynne:
Legacy is how you live… not what you leave.

It took women 120 years to acquire the right to vote. It wasn’t just one generation fighting that fight. 

Our right to vote is a result of women who spent decades holding that vision and committing their lives to that. Sister, we are standing on the shoulders of these women. 

We are the ancestors for the generations to come. We are paving the path for the women of the future. That’s why when the world is calling for women to step up into our greater destiny… we must listen. 

Commit to a “why” that’s bigger than your life. (Something that you don’t need credit for, but you genuinely want to serve in contribution.) I have tears in my eyes reflecting on this incredible interview with Lynne! I highly recommend you check out her new book, Living a Committed Life, so you can get the tools to stand in the vision that’s greater than yourself. 

>>>Here’s the Link to Pre-Order Now

Keep standing for that thing you know you’re meant to do.
Shine your light for all the women of the world.
You got this.

Let’s do this thing…together.


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Joy Zwane
1 month ago

Great Minds Think Alike. I have committed my life to support the Gender Based Violent Victims in South Africa. My 86year old being the oldest survivor and untold story. She succumbed to dementia.

Laura Ballet
1 month ago

So Inspirational! I am honored within this company, even if for now, afar. Thank you Sage for bringing this beautiful alchemy into my life. I am at the beginning of this “passion mission” journey, and I will not be swayed! Much love and light. Thank you Lynne.

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