Creating Your Vivid Vision with Jennifer Hudye & Sage Lavine

What is your relationship like with your business vision?

Women entrepreneurs often struggle with thoughts like:

“I’m not fully on board with my vision.”
“There’s a lot of resistance between me and my vision.”
“My vision has passion, but it lacks clarity.”

If you want to transform these thoughts into a clear, confident vision that you can manifest into reality, then this interview with Jennifer Hudye is a must-watch!

Jennifer is the founder of Vision Driven, a group of companies helping entrepreneurs clarify and communicate their visions. She’s walked over 500 companies through the vivid vision process to create clearer messages and incredible results. She’s also a frequent guest speaker at top entrepreneurial events.

Check out this week’s training below to start crafting and manifesting your vivid vision.

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What is a Vivid Vision?

As a woman entrepreneur, you’re the CEO and chief visionary behind your business.

Your number one responsibility – above all else – is to be the vision holder.

That means it’s up to you to answer questions like:

  • Who am I here to serve?
  • What message do I want to bring to the world?
  • Where do I want my business to be in a few years?

Jennifer’s vivid vision concept (which she developed with Cameron Herald) combines pictures, language, and storytelling to paint a picture of your future as if it’s already happened. 

The more vivid a picture you can create around the future that you want, the more likely you are to get there. That’s why this process is so powerful!

The Seven Invisible Vision Blocks

Here’s a quick analogy to help you understand the vivid vision concept:

Similar to an oak tree, an acorn has all the DNA it needs to grow into a big oak tree someday. But does that mean it will? No. 

There are a lot of acorns on the ground that simply remain acorns. But, if an acorn is planted, given the right nutrients, and exposed to sunlight – it will likely grow into the mighty oak tree.

Now apply this concept to humans. We have an inner vision inside of us, but many of us have invisible blocks that prevent us from blossoming into our highest vision. According to Jennifer, here are the seven most common blocks:

    1. Pretending to not know what you want. It’s a convenient cover up that lets you fall into avoidance and resistance. 
    2. Being concerned about what other people will think. You dream for a moment, then get blocked by the voices of others – real or hypothetical.
    3. Not allowing yourself to want more. You’re rooted in guilt. You tell yourself, “I’m grateful for what I have” as if it can’t coexist with wanting more.
    4. Getting caught up in the “how.” You’re relatively clear on your vision, but you don’t know how to get there. (This is a common one for women entrepreneurs!)
    5. Afraid to create a cap for yourself. You worry that you’re limiting yourself so you can’t reach what’s beyond your vision or goal.
    6. Too much to choose from. You have vision FOMO (fear of missing out) or too many ideas. You might now know which one to start with.
    7. Afraid to know. Because then you’re responsible for knowing your vision and afraid you’ll have to make sacrifices to achieve it. 

Comment below: which of these invisible blocks are you struggling with the most right now?

The Most Important Question

When you allow yourself to want what you want, mountains are moved.

I never imagined I’d write a Hay House book or stand on the TedX stage, but it became my reality when I stood fully in my vision.

Getting clear on your vivid vision begins with asking yourself this big question:

What do I love?

Pause for a moment.
Think about it.
Take notes.
Get as clear as you can.
Start your visioning from this place.

Then ask yourself:
Will I love who I get to become as a result?

These are powerful questions. If you want to keep crafting your vivid vision, check out Jennifer’s totally free gift to our community:

The Vivid Vision Mind Map
>>>Click Here to Grab Your Mind Map

You’ll ask yourself a series of questions that touch on 12 areas of your business, so you can create a vision that…

  • Magnetizes your ideal clients
  • Inspires YOU and your time
  • Creates more alignment than ever

Can you feel the alignment and self-love that Jennifer cultivated as a result of her vivid vision?

You can have that too, and it starts with your vision!

Jennifer leaves us with this parting wisdom:

Her number one rule for herself is “don’t quit when it’s really really hard.” The biggest breakthroughs come after the biggest breakdowns.

Thank you Jennifer for this incredible vivid vision training! This process has helped Women Rocking Business get so much clearer on who we are, and who we are here to serve.

Make your vision bigger than your todo list.
Ask yourself what you love.
Remember that your vision is a CHOICE.

You got this, visionary.

Let’s do this thing…together.


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