EEEEEK!!! Chapter 1 Of my NEW BOOK

I’ll be honest – I can’t believe this is happening.

I didn’t think I’d be publishing a book this early in my career. Let alone a Hay House book. I’m excited. I’m thrilled. I’m TERRIFIED.

What do I do when I hit the terror of going bigger?

I turn toward my mission.

You, like me, have a mission that is MUCH bigger than your fear.

And, it’s time for us to unleash that mission in a way that’s aligned with our womanly authenticity, our truth and ALL of who we are.

I’m hoping chapter 1 of my book will help you get in touch with the depths of your desire and start you on the path of bringing even more clarity to your mission.

Below are the first few paragraphs of chapter 1 and a LINK to download the entire chapter – This is the first time I’m putting the book out into the world.

I hope it serves you.

Please let me know what you think of it – my goal is to bring an authentic, revealed, vulnerable but inspiring truth to the journey of women’s leadership.

Women Rocking Business

The Ultimate Step by Step Guidebook to Create a Thriving Life doing Work you LOVE


“Desires are like stepping stones on the path to your destiny.” — JANET ATTWOOD

I was lying on my back one summer evening in Santa Cruz, staring up at clouds passing overhead. It sounds like an idyllic moment of relaxation, right? Well, not exactly. My neck was out, and I was in terrible pain. I was exhausted, stressed, and broke, and I couldn’t move my head.

Full of visions, aspirations, and a bit of naïveté, I had just sold everything I owned, moved into an RV with my husband, and driven across the country to Santa Cruz. I was set to start my dream business and leave my legacy! Instead I found myself broke and burned out. Struggling to launch my business and finally give the gifts I knew were inside me, I felt like a total failure. A friend had told me, “Sage–follow your desire!” But at that moment, “desire” was about as far from my consciousness as Iceland or Timbuktu.

Why had my neck twisted into knots? I was in the midst of my first major business project, an interview series I was putting together for women entrepreneurs—and to say it wasn’t going as well as I had hoped is an understatement. I had invested thousands of dollars in the project with very little profit to show for my weeks of effort…

That summer evening, staring up at the Santa Cruz sky, I felt so sorry for myself. Then I remembered my spiritual work and turned my attention inward to a connection with something bigger than me. I found the part of me that was holding on for dear life, clenched in pain, and I turned toward it. Embracing my own fear and shame, I offered myself some kindness, and a flood of tears followed. The sweet pressure release that only comes from a good, long, messy cry opened up my consciousness, and I slowly began to unwind and feel my body again.

In that deep and profound surrender, I turned toward myself. In that moment of reconnecting with myself, I suddenly felt connected with all that is. I felt connected to all women, everywhere, who had struggled with money. I felt connected to my grandmother and my great-grandmother . . . I could even, in that moment, perceive the millions of women around the world who are stuck in uncomfortable and even abusive situations because of a lack of money. At that moment, the sun beamed through the clouds, and I glimpsed a future that would allow me to make a greater contribution and reach great fulfillment.

So like any self-growth junkie dedicated to pursuing (insert sarcastic tone here) “an exalted life of purposeful conquest and magical manifestation,” I decided to make a deal with the Universe. In all seriousness, that night, I turned my life over to something bigger than myself and asked for help. I made a deal with God, whispering to an angel-shaped cloud that was passing overhead: “If you can get me out of this pain, God, if you can help me make my own money and find freedom, I’ll dedicate my life to helping women around the world who are struggling and stuck because of financial dependence.”

And so it was that within moments of my plea, I had an idea that would bring me more than $100,000 of income in less than three months. In that flash, I saw clearly how I could use the women’s interview series I had just launched to attract my soon-to-be clients, creating immediate cash flow and changing the future of my business forever. And it worked. I moved out of the RV and into a gorgeous ocean-view home in Santa Cruz, and the financial freedom that had once been just a dream began to become a reality. I believe the commitment I made that night gazing at the clouds has made it possible for me to (1) help tens of thousands of women launch global businesses and (2) build my own million- dollar company.

Does it sound impossible? It isn’t! Stay with me, and keep reading. I’ll show you how you too can create incredible success in your business.


So you might ask, “Can a woman like me, with just the spark of an idea, actually start a business and make money?” Yes! Can those of us who have bodies that still get twisted up from stress, who have failed marriages, who have relied on others for financial security, or who are fundamentally imperfect in a myriad of ways actually start and run successful businesses? The answer is yes! You don’t need to have reached some distant peak of intellectual nirvana or spiritual enlightenment to build a successful business and make a massive contribution on the planet.

If I can do it, you can do it. I promise!

What you’re about to experience through reading this book is a road map that has helped thousands of my clients build successful and sustainable businesses. These clients include authors, health practitioners, consultants, coaches, manufacturers, retailers, real estate agents, day spa owners, healers, clothing designers, aspiring public speakers, restaurant owners, and many other types of professional women. They’ve all chosen to thrive through building businesses on their own terms. This road map can work for you too—really!

Click here to download the ENTIRE PDF of Chapter 1

Thanks for being with me on this journey Goddess.

The entire book is coming soon – I’ll be offering a bunch of awesome training for those of you who pre-order it in a couple weeks… STAY TUNED!!!

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>>> What are committed to bringing NEXT to your BUSINESS with your Real, Raw AUTHENTIC SELF?!?!? (Your work is NEEDED. Period.)


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