Embody Bliss for Feminine Success with Emily Fletcher & Sage Lavine

Feeling stressed or mentally overwhelmed lately?

My dear friend & meditation expert Emily Fletcher has the fix, and it will have you feeling…

  • Blissful in business
  • Full body alignment with your decisions
  • An abundance of creative energy

Emily is the founder of Ziva Meditation and best-selling author of Stress Less, Accomplish More.  She’s been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, New York Times, Vogue and more, and she’s taught over 40,000 people how to transform their lives through meditation.

She’s transformed from a formerly stressed out Broadway performer who was going gray at 27 to a thriving, energetic 7-figure CEO. 

Check out the podcast, video, and article below to learn how to embody bliss for feminine success.

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A lot has changed on the planet in the past few years. Great transformation tends to wake some people up…and cause others to spiral downward. (That’s why women entrepreneurs are needed so badly right now!)

It’s Emily’s goal to help close that gap by making meditation tools more attractive and easily accessible, especially with so much change happening on the planet.

Here are a few key tips that can help you lift your consciousness and find your inner bliss:

    1. Focus on sexual energy. It’s one of the most powerful energy sources available to you, allowing you to access ecstatic bliss and your divinity, which you can infuse into your business dream. You’ll learn more about this at Emily’s upcoming Embody Bliss training.
    2. Embrace your feminine. Gone are the days of hyper-masculine, hyper-productive work. The frequency of the planet changed during the pandemic, and now entrepreneurs are leveraging more feminine energy and magnetizing their ideal clients through authenticity. (Note: feminine doesn’t equal female – it takes energy from both ends of the gender spectrum to thrive in business!)
    3. Use your whole body wisdom. If you only use your thoughts and intellect, you’ll eventually burn out. Instead, try tuning into your full body wisdom and finding total alignment in your business leadership. People can feel the energy of full body alignment, and they’ll be more attracted to your message & transformation
    4. Listen to nature. Distinguish between “bright and shiny object syndrome” and what the universe is truly calling you forth to do by asking yourself how its energy feels in different parts of your body. 

If you want a teacher in your mix who is paving the path for true feminine embodiment and bliss, check out this awesome opportunity to keep training with Emily:

Embody Bliss
May 17, 2023
Unshackle yourself from stress.
Claim the bliss that is your birthright.

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Embody what you’re feeling.
Let the feminine way come through.
Check in with yourself.

Let’s do this thing…together.


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