Entrepreneurial Energy Hacks with Dr. Sue Morter and Sage Lavine

Your journey in business is a spiritual path.

It’s so important to channel your body wisdom to:

💙 Create abundant energy
💙 Grow your heart-centered business
💙 Step into greater leadership
💙 Heal yourself

💙 Change more lives with your gift

That’s why I’m so excited to share this interview with Dr. Sue Morter, an international speaker, master of bioenergetic medicine, quantum field visionary, and one of my dear friends.

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Here are some of my favorite takeaways from my conversation with Dr. Sue Morter:

#1. Dissolve the Box

Do you ever have a hard time feeling like you’re putting yourself in a box? Then don’t! Dissolve the idea of the box. Release the notion that you need to climb out or push against anything to create your path. 

Instead, capture the energy of clarity and authenticity to create a thriving business that aligns with your values. 

#2. Heal Yourself

Dr. Sue tells us that the inner healer is also the inner entrepreneur

It’s all connected. 

Healing happens as a byproduct of revealing your true magnificence. Blocks happen when you can’t express your truth.

#3. Understand the Energy Flow

The universal cosmos, intelligence, and consciousness are cycling around the Earth in our atmosphere. You’re a product of this recycling of energy and universal energy flow. 

So if you feel a message tapping you on the shoulder, know that it’s supposed to be there. You are a doorway for this energy that is seeking to come through. 

Comment below: which of these teachings are resonating with you the most?

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I’m honored to share this invitation with you. I hope you’ll join… and claim the life you want for yourself and your world. 

You can overcome limiting beliefs.
Find your energetic alignment.
Fully express the message within you.

You got this.

Let’s do this thing…together.


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