Fierce Feminine Connection with Lama Tsultrim Allione & Sage Lavine

I have an incredibly inspiring story to share with you today. 💙

If you’ve been feeling like leadership can leave you in the dark, Lama Tsulstrim’s story will warm your heart. She’s sharing the tools to help you to shift into a powerful flow of feminine power. 

Lama Tsulstrim Allione is one of the fiercest feminine leaders I know. She’s a best-selling author and widely popular Buddhist teacher – especially known for being the first American to become a Tibetan Buddhist nun.

I’m also joined by powerhouse Cecily Mak, an emerging student of Lama Tsultrim, mother, and powerhouse business co-founder, visionary, and investor. 

Our conversation will support you to: 

💙 Increase your connectivity with the feminine as you guide business decisions
💙 Solve some of the world’s complex problems as a leader aligned with women’s values
💙 Shed the patriarchal programming so we can rock the world – the woman’s way

This is a long one, so I invite you to get cozy, grab a warm beverage, and get ready to take lots of notes.

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