Get Paid without "Working Hard" – From Bali

If you’re like me, making a difference in someone’s life is what feels better than almost anything else. (Sometimes even sex! Not always though Laughing).
Making money is great, and crucial… but what feels best is to know you really helped someone, and made a life truly better.  Because money is just paper… If you’re like me, what you really want is the freedom to live a great life and be of service doing something you love.
I had a life changing experience leading my Bali retreat that reminded me what it really means to “work hard.”

The thing about “hard work” is that you have to redefine “work” for yourself… if you want to truly make a difference doing something you love.  You’re going to “work” whether you work at a hum-drum job, or whether you work to build a business you love.  If you’re going to work anyway, wouldn’t you want to build something you actually want to show up for, year after year?

My dear friend in Bali, Dek Bud who is also our driver when we visit the island, understands firsthand what it means to “work.”  Two years ago I walked into Dek’s storefront in Ubud asking for a bus… and instead I ended up with a lifelong friend who is a hero in his own right.  When I met Dek, he didn’t have enough money to feed himself, or his family.

When Dek drove me across the island, he asked me for business advice on our drive and I encouraged him to do bike tours… I could see what a popular tour it was.
Now, two years later, I just visited his home that he built with the money he earned from launching his tour company.  The picture of Dek Bud and me is in front of the home he built with his earnings alongside his father.  His family served the women on our Bali retreat a delicious Indonesian lunch while we were on a bike tour with him; he even organized his nieces to dance for us. 4_Dek_Dancers

And the whole time, he was asking us what we wanted to get from the bike tour, and what he could have done better.  Talk about being resourceful and asking his clients for feedback.

Dek paid attention to what people actually want.  And he used what he had access to – to make our experience unique and memorable.  The women on our retreat agreed that meeting Dek and learning this basic but life changing business tool was their favorite experience from the entire week.

Dek has prevailed against all odds and now has a life he is excited to show up for every day.  I know that you are committed to doing the same in your life or you wouldn’t be reading this.  Because the thing is, we can be taken out of the game again and again by excuses… “I’m not cut out to be an entrepreneur”… “I don’t want to have to be on the computer so much”… and on and on like this. bali bike ride

But there will always be bumps in the road, always challenges.  Always someone telling you “You can’t.”  Will you believe them?  The naysayers and gremlins?  I hope not … your future clients are waiting for you.  Keep going Goddess.  And consider joining us for our Bali Business Retreat next year eh?  It’s a life changer.

What are you committed to doing in your life and business without “Working Hard!”?

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