Grateful for you, here’s why

In this Thanksgiving week, I’m more aware than ever before, that it’s my business that has gotten me through the most difficult past few years of my life. From leaving a 10 year marriage to several pretty intense health scares… my business has been by my side like a dear friend, every step of the way.I nearly had to undergo major jaw surgery last year as I also had to rebuild my life & community in Santa Cruz post divorce… all the while, my business was a consistent place to return to where I felt myself, my joy and my contribution shine back to me.
It is because of you that I feel this fundamental gratitude for being on purpose in my life… I’ve had the honor of building a company with incredible women from all over the world.  I know you feel the same about your clients, colleagues and team if you have one.

On this holy-day of gratitude… I invite you to take an honest inventory of everything in your life you’re grateful for, and allow yourself to perceive what’s coming next as you get more and more on purpose in your life.

And when we let our contribution shine back, that’s the sweet stuff.

Whether you eat turkey or Tofurkey, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, have a treat to celebrate yourself for being brave and on purpose today… my favorite Sage reward is pumpkin pie!

I’m so honored to be building my business alongside you!
Let’s do this thing, together.

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