Gratitude + Your Thanksgiving Tantrum

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just want to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for being a part of our tribe of women uniting to launch businesses that make a difference in the world.

Wow, what a year it’s been, eh? If you’ve felt like a butterfly stuffed into a chrysalis this year, unfurling your wings into your next business expression, you are not alone!

Growing into a successful entrepreneur is a huge transformation. For some of us it’s the biggest transformation we’ll ever go through in our life. When we give birth our bodies take over. When you birth your business, your body is also taking over but it’s difficult to trust the process…

You’re learning so many new skills at once. You’re growing into your trade… your skill of coaching, healing, teaching or mentoring… you’re developing content.

You’re learning entrepreneurial skills, enrollment skills, technology skills and marketing… many of you for the first time. And, you’re learning to manage your schedules and your time.

You’re learning to live in a new political climate (LOL).

Millions of people stay at jobs every year because of the structure and safety a job provides, a container they can count on to hold their life.

If you have broken free or are in the process of breaking free… Congratulations!!!! There’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur!

And… If you’re not living at the edge
You’re taking up too much space!

And entrepreneurial transformation comes with it’s own roadmap. Here’s some keys I’ve discovered to navigating energy shifts that can feel chaotic and ungrounded. These have been life savers for myself & my clients…

Transformation TIP #1: Throw a TANTRUM

This is profound: Scientists recently put sound sensors in the butterfly chrysalis expecting there to be low consistent churnings of sound.

What they discovered INSTEAD is that there are loud bursts of sound followed by periods of total silence.

This incredible discovery gives us fascinating clues to navigating our own transformation. What if our own transformation was similar…

What if we stopped making the onslaught of energy shifts wrong? When the waves of emotion pound through our being, what if… when appropriate… we let them.

We let the energy move & expand, we let ourselves feel and squeal, dance it out, have a mini and non violent temper tantrum or express, and then when it’s time, we rest.

The KEY here… Let it out! It’s just ENERGY!!!

Transformation TIP #2: Get CONNECTED

Consistently connect with other women who are going for it alongside you. Don’t keep your transformation or your business dreams locked in a closet!

The women in our entrepreneurial leadership program buddy up to become anchors for each other. They text each other before discovery sessions and attend each other’s speaking events.

There are feelings that we all have to feel on our own, but knowing you have others who are REALLY with you on this journey can be the difference between making it happen or not. Don’t isolate.

Transformation TIP #3: Live in the Question

When we ask questions we open up the possibility of the Universe truly co-creating with us.   Rather than making conclusions about our business and how our clients will find us, which limits the energy.

One of my clients, Leah, began asking the question… “What would it take for 4 new people to contact me about my services?” (She didn’t try to answer the question herself).

Within a week and a half she was contacted by 3 new
people and had signed up her first year long client!

Background: She was taking action, reaching out to people, posting her website on social media and hanging flyers, just like we teach in our program… but she wasn’t trying to do the part that wasn’t hers to do.

Instead of stressing over where the clients would come from,
she began asking the question:
“Universe… what would it take for ________ to show up?”

Then, she stopped thinking about it.

She didn’t let her monkey mind get in there and try to answer the question for her. She made the space for the Universe to come in and meet her halfway.

So, as all the holiday stress and emotion may be swirling around you, we invite you to get connected, be gentle with yourself, go with the flow and keep asking questions to open up the energy.

It just doesn’t work to shrink in the face of who you’re becoming, I’ve learned that the hard way! We’re simply too big for that. Play with asking questions and expanding!

Or, definitely don’t try this asking questions thing because it could open up the energy and then money and clients would come in and then your life would get better and you would be helping people that would be really, really bad… Hehehehe

Loving you on this Thanksgiving Holiday.

Thanks for your courage and for all that you’ve said YES to.


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