Invite your friends to Women Rocking Business LIVE
& WIN SOME AWESOME PRIZES & Referral Rewards!

There is no such thing as a self-made millionaire...
We have to do it together!

CHALLENGE: INVITE your friends to our Women Rocking Business LIVE EVENT... so we can form a bigger network of women entrepreneurs helping each other!!!

We’re offering each of you in ELA and Leverage 12 tickets to extend to your friends on a first come, first serve basis.


#1: Bring 1-3 friends = ONE FREE Gold Pass Coaching Session per friend with ANY COACH… up to 3 sessions for 3 friends (As you know, this is VALUABLE!)

  • #2: Bring 3 or more friends = FREE Admission: VIRTUAL VIP DAY ENROLLMENT LEADERSHIP TRAINING ($3000 value) with Sage on ZOOM where we are going to help you UPLEVEL YOUR ENROLLMENT skills, raise your rates, fill your practice & group programs & STEP INTO YOUR LEADERSHIP BIG TIME
  • #3: GRAND PRIZE: SHE who brings the most friends will receive a FREE seat in Leverage 2020!! ($15k value)
  • We want to reward you for trusting us with your friends, so…


    Should your friend decide to join our year long programs at the event, we'll handle their registration and you'll earn rewards on your referrals - this is a win-win-win!!

  • Follow up with your invites to create roommate and ride shares. This is the BEST way to add more value and more fun for both of you!
  • Your friends must ATTEND the event and sign up there for you to receive commission. *Friends who register but don't show up or sign up for our programs outside the event will not count toward referral rewards
  • IMPORTANT: If you choose the $250 cash option, that will be paid out in an initial payment of $100. After the official cancellation period ends, you'll receive the remaining $150. Credit will be paid out or deducted from your current bill over 5 months of $100 each ($500).


    • Then check your inbox with the SPECIAL LINK to download the instructions and email templates to send to friends.
    • Be sure your friends use the special "friend ticket" link to book their seat deposit AND they enter Your Name on the "Who Referred you to Women Rocking Business LIVE?" section of the checkout page when they register.

    STEP 2: Give your friends a call to let them know the email is in their inbox.

    • Let them know the impact this program has had on you, how you’ve changed, and how the events Sage puts on have helped you in your leadership & business.
    • Tell them you’d love to share this experience with them and you have 12 free tickets to the event (make it a hot value, you've already given away X number and only have X left) and you’d like to extend the offer to them!
    • Track your friends and follow up on a tracking sheet for easy organization. People need touch points multiple times before booking. Don't give up. Practice your enrollment skills!

    STEP 3: If you haven't already registered yourself, do that NOW!

    • Book your own seat deposit so that we know you’re coming, and start planning your stay with your friends!
    • Find that link in your EVENTS TAB in your program Membership Site
    • Do not use the client registration links for your friends, it's for YOU as a current client only. Your friends will have their own separate link to use for their friend ticket as noted above.
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