Have You Heard of Zoom Fatigue?

Have you heard about this thing going around called “Zoom fatigue?”

If this sounds a little scary, I’m here to help set your mind at ease.

At Women Rocking Business, we’re actually seeing more people than ever craving online connection. We’re currently…

  • Reaching over 400,000 women entrepreneurs
  • Having more and more Zoom participants during our events
  • Hearing similar trends of Zoom numbers going up from our clients

So if you have any concern that people are getting burned out online…

Check out this video and article below to discover how to step into a fearless mindset.

^^^Watch “Have You Heard of Zoom Fatigue?” Now^^^

The reality is: 

People are looking for the solutions you provide now more than ever.

We’re living in a time of uncertainty and your gift is needed on this planet right now. 

As a transformation-based entrepreneur, it’s your time to rise up and say…

“The love for my future clients is BIGGER than my fear.”

So if you have any gremlins around Zoom fatigue, I lovingly ask you to step out of fear and…

Keep sharing your message.
Lean in.
Don’t pull back.
Make imperfect videos.
Don’t compare yourself to others.

…and stand stronger than ever in your commitment to transforming your clients’ lives.

Drop a “YES” in the comments if you’re willing to rise above fear this week.

Sister, I’m with you. 

Be authentic.
Be imperfect.
Speak your truth.

Your clients are waiting for you.

Let’s do this thing…together.


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28 days ago


28 days ago

Thank you. This really helped ease the concern I had about Zoom fatigue.

28 days ago

Yes! Perfect timing! Love you Safe.

Bronwyn Belle
Bronwyn Belle
28 days ago

As always Sage, you’re right on target with your message.. Thank you x

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