Have you seen Wonder Woman?

Did you know the last time a Superhero movie was made about a woman was 13 years ago … it was Cat Woman… I think it’s time for the SUPER-SHEROS to take a stand for our own super-powers… wouldn’t you agree?

And OMG did you know that the icon of Wonder Woman was actually invited into the United Nations through a woman’s empowerment committee… but she was kicked out 2 months later for being… scantily clad! (LOL)

But seriously…
THANK YOU WONDER WOMAN for the reminder of our superpowers!!

I got so on fire that I dressed up – Yep, like Wonder Woman, with some friends and attended the show.

We were ridiculous.

Play time extraordinaire.

Check out the video and join me next time, will ya?

You and I BOTH have superpowers, and let’s face it… we weren’t always encouraged to be strong and confident as little girls. Many of us were taught to be nice and pretty.

Furthermore, your super-powers are needed in the world. Now. And Wonder Woman is a great reminder of just how strong YOU are.

There’s a scene in the movie toward the end where Wonder Woman is just about to defeat the bad guy – and she opens her heart and blasts light out for miles in all directions. I love the reminder that it’s your heart that is the source of your confidence and strength… the confidence and strength you need to serve your clients and grow a business.

Lastly, the things you’ve been through in your life – the biggest challenges, are the very things you can transform into your greatest business gift.

Watch the video to find out a little bit more about how I transformed my greatest wound of being painfully excluded and betrayed into my deep commitment to create a women’s community of belonging and inclusion.

Loving you all Super-sheroes –
Let’s do this thing… Together.


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