Hawaii VIDEO #2: OMG Dolphins

I could pinch myself!

When I first visited this island 13 years ago I was broke and confused, I never could have imagined being here celebrating the growth of my company with this incredible team…

This morning, we swam with Spinner Dolphins in the wild.
They are MAGIC!

Here’s what we learned from them about LEADERSHIP Lessons & LIFE:

The dolphins were amazing teachers for us.

They reminded us about the truth of who we are, and of what else is possible with our businesses. They served as mirrors, helping us see the other resources and allies we have available to us in our businesses that we had forgotten.

Dolphin Lesson #1:

We discovered that when we paused and tuned into our true selves, the dolphins came to us. We didn’t need to DO something to invite them in closer.

How might you put this lesson into practice in your own life and business?

What do you discover when you slow down, tune in and BE your authentic self even more? (We’re imagining you will attract more clients!)

The good news is you don’t need to push, rush or do-do-do as much as you think you need to in order to be an incredible leader.

Dolphin Lesson #2:

The dolphins all swim together in a pod. They use each other and rely on each other for food and safety.

Do you have a business coach? A team? Other allies?

If so, how might you lean into their support even more? If not, what support could you ask for and invest in to create more for your business and your future?

Dolphin Lesson #3:

The dolphins inspired us to be FULLY IN… in our lives, in our businesses. When we bring forth all of ourselves: our unique talents, our needs, our passions, we can create so much more in our businesses and for our clients. And when we’re FULLY IN and fully committed, we can dream bigger and achieve more!

However big your vision is now, I invite you to expand it a little bit bigger…

This doesn’t mean you need to push or rush. It means you get to know that whatever vision you can dream, you can create! (The dolphins told us so.)

>>>What Dolphin Lesson are you going to play with today? How might you expand your vision a little bit bigger? I love reading your responses!

Let’s do this, Goddess, together!


P.S. I also need to apologize – I told you that VIDEO #2 was going to be about creating Safety & Belonging. I made you that video but it’s on my iPad and not uploading into YouTube with this fritzy Island WIFI. Never fear – you’ll get it next week. So, I bring you Dolphins today.

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