Hawaii Video #1: Use Your Love Of Adventure To Grow Your Business

Do you crave adventure?

Do you love variety?

If so, I’ve got some wisdom to share with you in my video, filmed LIVE in Hawaii, about how to meet these needs in constructive ways so you can use them to create more business success. Check out my video here:

As Women Rocking Business it’s important to be able to identify our own needs so we can find positive and generative ways (rather than negative and destructive ways) to meet those needs.

When we can identify and meet our own needs we are better able to understand our client’s needs, which makes us more magnetic so we attract the clients who are looking for us.

In my video, I address the wonderful and dangerous ways we can fulfill our needs for variety and adventure.

It can be dangerous to look to our business to fulfill our need for variety. The shiny object syndrome – “Oh look! A new technique to try!” is very destabilizing for our businesses. If we’re always changing our strategies and our niche and spending time updating our website (again and again and again) we never actually complete a project. We miss out on building momentum and a name for ourselves.

This is why it’s important not to look to your business to fulfill your needs. How might you fulfill your need for variety and adventure in your personal life instead? (Check out my video for specific tips.)

The truth is, the more stability and consistency we have in our business and message the more we can stick to our chosen strategies and mentors, the more success we can create for ourselves and our clients. This allows us to develop our “finishing” muscles so we can see ideas through to fruition. We build momentum and get recognized for the great work we’re doing in our niche. People refer more and more clients to us so it’s no longer a hustle to meet our monthly financial goals and yearly visions.

Goddess, your needs for variety and adventure are worth acknowledging and fulfilling! You are full of creative talents and it’s important to express those and use those in full support of building your business.

>>>> Post BELOW: (I look forward to reading your responses!!) What’s a creative way you can get your need for VARIETY met? And what are you committed to in your business to maintain consistent momentum?

Let’s do this, Sister… together.


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