Help me Title my New Book??

I want to let you in on a little secret; I’m writing a book for the women around the world who are yearning to discover how to do business while remaining true to their innate women’s values. Will you help by giving me your quick feedback on a title?

Here’s a little more about the book:

Years ago a woman’s primary role was rooted in child rearing and nurturing our families. More recently, we’ve boldly entered the workplace and evolved into a role that includes both tending to our families as well as working, but we haven’t yet truly recreated the work environment to reflect what we know deep down about nurturing, generosity, intuition and creativity.

Are you ready to create your business to balance BOTH the feminine & masculine inside you?!?

When women see that they can build their business while honoring our instincts of generosity, service, collaboration and intuition, rather than discarding them, we soar.
Here are four key strategies for doing business from the feminine:

Feminine Business Principle #1: Sales Is About Service: Conscious selling is an energy exchange between two people who trust each other’s inherent goodness and beneficial intent. When we approach sales as a service, we can bypass the story that we’re a slimy salesperson—which most certainly won’t help us get clients anyway.

Feminine Business Principle #2: Collaboration is Key: My clients historically try to go it alone. More often than not, because most of us have stepped onto a path of women’s empowerment, we forget to ask for help. I encourage you today, to start asking for help in places where you may have previously tried to go it alone. Plan a work party with a friend, have your teenage neighbor come over & help you with your Facebook page, or your teenage son. Afterall, you taught him to use a fork didn’t you? He owes you one!

Feminine Business Principle #3: Lead with Generosity: We all know it’s true: women are natural givers. We are good at giving. The great news is that when you give someone great advice, great content, a free workshop, free guidance, if they’re your ideal client, they will likely want more from you. Start by being generous and giving people your advice and wisdom, then, you can follow up and offer them more when they become your client.

Feminine Business Principle #4: Nurture your Clients: Many women entrepreneurs will be advised by business mentors to toughen up and set better boundaries. While these pieces of advice can serve, it’s important to note that what is so often being craved in the marketplace is a more nurturing approach. I want to reassure you that YOUR inherent nurturing tendencies can actually help you make money… so turn on that love faucet and nurture away!

Of course this is just the beginning, the book is rich with stories from my life and my clients lives to illustrate these principles and more.

Please share ANY IDEAS about a short and punchy title that you think would represent the book below… >>Thank You<< Any other words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated!

With love,

P.S. I’ll choose the best 3 words of encouragement below and publish them in the comments section of the book!

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