Highlights from My Best-Selling Book (Interview with Glory St. Germain)

Today we’re taking a deep-dive into the highlights of my best-selling Hay House Book, Women Rocking Business, the ultimate 12-step entrepreneurial guide to creating a thriving life. 

I’m being interviewed by Glory St. Germain, one of my incredible clients who has read Women Rocking Business cover to cover and used these tools to skyrocket her business in just six months. 

Glory is the CEO of Ultimate Music Theory, best-selling author of 50+ music theory books, TedX speaker, masterful educator, and self-described “super fan” of the framework in this book. 

So watch the video and read the tips below to discover…

  • Highlights of our favorite teaching points in Women Rocking Business
  • Recession-proof sales strategies that will transform your relationship with SALES
  • How to tell your story in a way that aligns with your greatest mission

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Your Life is a Ph.D. Program

There’s a common thought that holds women entrepreneurs back from launching their greatest gifts. It’s the feeling of imposter syndrome, which sounds like…

“Someone else is already doing this better than me.”
“How do I differentiate my business from what’s already out there?”
“I’m not going to stand out.”

Here’s the thing: you’ve experienced a unique set of life experiences that makes you able to bring your gifts in a way that resonates with your specific audience.

You’re the only person who can tell your story in a way that your ideal clients need to hear. I believe you have clients out there who are destined for YOU. (Not just someone like you. They’re actually waiting for YOU.)

If you’re following along in the book, check out chapter 5 to learn more about this topic.

Transformation is Recession Proof

If you’re worried about rocking your business with an impending recession on the horizon, let me share this powerful truth with you:

Transformation-based businesses are recession proof. 

How do you create a business that grows in any economy? Provide a valuable service to your clients no matter what is happening on the planet. 

People are out there seeking the unique transformation that YOU provide – and that’s not changing regardless of what’s going on with the economy. The world needs your gift and strong women leaders to rise up right now. 

Your business will be as strong as the results you create with your clients. So now more than ever, commit to your business. Don’t hold back. Lead with transformation. 

Community is Key

Women go so much further when we go together. We’re just not meant to do it alone. If you want to create a thriving business, it’s so important to immerse yourself in sisterhood, community, and mentorship.

Collaboration is part of our ancestral values as women. It’s in our nature to create, dream, and build in community. There’s so much powerful transmission that happens inside of container of sisterhood, 

At Women Rocking Business, we support women to grow their businesses by leading with a sense of community, generosity, and collaboration… and our clients’ businesses are succeeding at a rate of over 80% when the world is seeing women businesses failing at INSERT STAT HERE.

Know Your Superpower

Women have a unique set of superpowers that empower us to rock the stage, launch our gifts, and transform lives. Your superpowers are born in the fire of your greatest wounds. (Take a breath into that.)

Take a moment to ask yourself, “What are the superpowers forged in the fire of my greatest pain?”

Your story is one of your most compelling tools to change lives as a super-shero. Remember, content tells but stories are what sell. Recognize your powers within, honor their roots, and lead with your unique superpower. 

Recognize Your Fears

Here’s one of Glory’s favorite quotes from the book:
“My commitment to changing lives is bigger than my fear of selling.”

If you’re afraid of selling, you’re not alone. I used to get nauseous at the thought of presenting my offer from the stage. 

The key to overcoming your fears is committing to transforming lives. When people pay, they pay attention… and money is the energetic exchange between you and your client committing to their transformation together

Balance Growing and Giving

If you’ve ever wanted to quit and become a philanthropist, I’d like to introduce you to this mindset shift…

As your purpose-based business grows and scales, you’ll have more opportunities to give back and support philanthropic causes. 

I’ve had the opportunity to help girls in Uganda attend school, protect women in the Ecuadorian rainforests, and travel the world supporting philanthropic causes… because of my business. The bigger our businesses grow, the more impactful they can be and make a bigger difference in the world.

Here’s an exercise to find balance between your growth and your giving. Ask yourself:

What is my selfless “why?”
What is my selfish “why?”

My selfless “why” is empowering women throughout the world to thrive in their lives and businesses. My selfish “why” is my freedom life (and the fact that I’m about to hop on a plane to swim with dolphins in Bimini.)

If you want to take a deeper dive into some of these topics, I recommend you check out my upcoming 3-Day Rock Your Online Sales Retreat, where we’ll take action with all the biz-building tools in my book and craft your 90-day launch plan live. 

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Your clients are waiting for you. They’re not just waiting for someone like you. They’re actually waiting for YOU.

Let’s do this thing…together.


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Glory St. Germain
18 days ago

Sage Lavine is brilliant!! I couldn’t stop reading her Women Rocking Business Book. It’s a goldmine of information to grow your business. Personally Sage has helped me grow my Ultimate Music Theory Business on a Global Scale. So grateful for her generosity in her book. GET IT, READ IT, IMPLEMENT IT! Rock Your Business Xoxo

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