Honoring 4 Incredible Women Who Made History

It’s Women’s History Month and we have a lot to celebrate.

This morning, I was looking through my Amber Lotus calendar and reflecting on the powerful imagery of women who made history.

So for today’s Monday Motivation Jam, I want to honor 4 incredible women who stood for something bigger than themselves… so we can call upon their energies to grow our businesses and rise together.



Amelia Earhart took a big stand for women. She fought hard for women pilots who were banned from competing in one of the big races in 1934.

Her determination paid off. The very next year, women were included in the race – making a huge impact on the future of women pilots around the world.

Rockstar, I encourage you to learn from her determination and her stand. Let’s call upon her spirit as we build our businesses, and remember to have courage when we feel we’re standing alone and gratitude for the mighty roar our voices make when we stand together.



Billie Holiday used her incredible voice to touch the hearts of so many people, while also standing for dismantling racial injustice facing black Americans. She used her platform to make a big difference in the world.

Her story reminds us to launch businesses that aim to make a big difference in the world as women leaders rising… so we can use our voices to change lives and create historical impact.



Jane Goodall teaches us that in order for humans to thrive, the planet and its animals must also thrive. Her greater “why” for conserving the environment and the world’s beautiful creatures reminds us how important nature is for our businesses.

For those of us who find our spirituality through nature, it’s time to rise up, sink our roots down deep, drink from the mother, and bear the fruits that only we can bear.

Let go of your tech overwhelm and allow yourself to be regenerated in nature. Open your heart to the contribution you can only make from the inside out.



Vandana Shiva stands for biodiversity on our planet. She stood for indigenous women who were hugging trees to stop the loggers… and it worked.

She is championing farmers rights and ecofeminism, so we have the feminine spirit intact on the planet to draw from as we bring our messages, take the stage, and grow our purpose-based businesses.

Remember that just as we need diversity on our planet, we also need diversity in our businesses.

These 4 women remind us of the power of taking a big stand and committing to mission-driven work.

Especially during a time on the planet of war, of conflict, of environmental challenges… When we honor the women whose shoulders we are standing on… we can all keep RISING & BRINGING the SOLUTIONS the WORLD NEEDS.

We come from a long lineage of women who paved the path for us to rock our businesses right here, right now…

…so we can rise up together and continue making history.

Let’s rock this week, sister.


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