How I Created a Community of 50,000 Women Entrepreneurs

Woo Hoo! Our Women Rocking Business Sisterhood private Facebook group just reached 50,000 members!

I am so excited to see our community thriving with purpose-driven women entrepreneurs. We truly are the rising tide that lifts all boats!

In this week’s Monday Motivation training, I’m teaching YOU how to grow your Facebook group with tips & strategies I’ve learned along the way. 

Here are my 3 hottest tips I’ve learned on my path to 50k members to help you grow your engaged community:

^^^Learn How I Created a Community of 50,000 Women Entrepreneurs^^^

#1. Start Your Group

Creating your social media group is one of the very first steps of launching your movement. Here’s what you need to get started….

✔️ Hot title that speaks to your unique mission

✔️ Reason for your ideal clients to join

✔️ Training video that serves your new community members

Use these early stages to learn how to manage your group in the way that works best for YOU. Here are a few hacks I’ve implemented to make my group nurturing a little easier…

  • Schedule posts in advance
  • Recycle & refresh your previously shared content
  • Hire a community manager to take care of your members
  • Eliminate spam and behavior that goes against the rules right away


Your group becomes your community.

Your community becomes your movement.

Your movement becomes your multimillion dollar enterprise.

#2. Understand the “Why?”

There are several reasons why your Facebook group has the potential to become your hottest marketing tool. Here’s some insight about your group that may help you see its value:

Facebook likes engagement.

Facebook isn’t here to simply serve as an ads machine. It is a social medium. The platform favors engagement and true person-to-person conversation. 

Facebook prioritizes group content. 

That’s why group content has higher potential for news feed visibility. When you share content in your group, it is more likely to appear in your members’ news feeds. (Compared to sharing content on your business page, and having it appear in your followers’ news feeds.) 

Facebook groups create a sense of connection.

Groups create a feeling of togetherness in your business community that you can’t find anywhere else on the platform. Groups lend themselves to meaningful conversation, a supportive network, and engaged comment threads. 

(Remember: connection = currency!)

Your group is the difference between your audience seeing your content versus engaging with your content. 

#3. Diversify & Boost

While growing your Facebook group is a huge part of launching your business, it’s important to DIVERSIFY your presence on social media. Consider also creating…

  • Instagram Page
  • Facebook Business page
  • LinkedIn Page
  • LinkedIn Group

….and more! When you make yourself VISIBLE on multiple platforms, you can reach more people with your message (and grow your business faster). 

It’s also a good idea to support your group & social media content with boosted posts, meaning you pay to get more eyes on your posts.

Hot tip: Wait 48 hours after sharing your content to boost your post.

Why? You’ll gain most of your organic traffic within the first day or two after you post. Once this traffic starts to gradually decrease, that’s the perfect time to give it an extra push with a paid boost. 

I hope these tips help YOU reach 50k with your Facebook group!

If you’re not already a member, please join the Women Rocking Business Sisterhood today.

>>>Join the Sisterhood

Inside the group, you’ll also find access to your FREE 11-Step Grow Your Movement Checklist, which is my special gift to YOU to celebrate our 50,000 member milestone. You’ll discover my proven, simple steps to…

✔️ Get visible online

✔️ Get your message out there

✔️ Share your gift with the people who need you the most

Thank YOU for being the very best part of Women Rocking Business! We are committed to keep giving you all the trainings, tools, and support you need to rock your business – the woman’s way – inside the group.

Please invite your friends, sisters, and all the powerful entrepreneurial women in your life into the Women Rocking Business Sisterhood group so we can welcome them with open arms. 

Please leave a comment with YOUR social media group title and link!

Let’s do this thing…together.



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