How to 4-10x your Biz with Affiliates

One of my favorite marketing strategies is…

Affiliate marketing: cross-promoting your services with your colleagues!

Your collaborative marketing partnerships have the power to 4-10x your business (and you’ll have a lot of fun in the process!) 

At Women Rocking Business, we’ve earned millions in income from our affiliate marketing, and nearly half of our clients came to us as referrals from our partners.

Today I’m sharing the step-by-step process to…

  • Get started with affiliate marketing
  • Create lasting partnerships that will skyrocket your biz
  • Cross-promoting your partners in alignment with your values & message
  • Rock affiliate marketing as the ultimate form of “word of mouth” marketing
  • Lead from a place of collaboration and empowerment

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#1. Choose Your Partners

Begin by asking yourself, “Who has complementary services to what I have to offer?”

These are the partners who are easiest to promote! Look for colleagues who offer training that clients in your niche would find interesting or helpful. 

Here’s an example:

If you’re a marketing coach, consider partnering with a social media strategist. You deliver hot training on creating an overall marketing strategy, and the social media expert can take your clients on a deeper dive into this specific area of marketing.

Important reminder: It’s very common for clients to hire more than one coach and benefit from multiple mentors in their lives! So don’t worry if your partners’ services are too similar to yours, and try not to get caught in feelings of scarcity or hoarding. Your affiliate marketing strategy will add clients to your business – not take them away. Some of my top-earning affiliate partners operate in niches very similar to mine. 

#2. Schedule Interviews

One of the most effective ways to cross-promote your partners is through interviews. Once you’ve identified your partners, reach out and ask 2 questions:

May I interview you to promote your upcoming launch?

Are you willing to do the same in return?

If your partnership is a “YES,” schedule the interviews and plan to promote each other’s interviews 3-7 days before a launch. For example, if I’m launching on November 15, it would be best for my partner to promote my interview around November 8-12. 

In your interview, ask questions about how you created results and offer a free gift, like a checklist, ebook, or free training. You can also invite viewers to join your social media group. 

#3. Coordinate Emails & Social Posts

You can’t expect your affiliate partners to know exactly what to say, so provide them with email and social media post copy. Here’s a helpful template of how to get started:

“You’ve got to check out my friend, ____! She has the best tips on ______. She’ll teach you how to ______ at her upcoming _________!”

From there, your partner can make it their own and tailor your copy to their unique niche and audience.

Ask your partner to share about 3 emails and 3 social media posts. Multiple promotions create a consistent message that sticks with their audience.

Hot tip:

Realize that 1 partner sharing 3 emails and 3 social posts is BETTER than 3 partners sharing 1 email and 1 social media post each. 

#4. Establish Yourself First

It’s so important to establish yourself FIRST and feel solid marketing your message and offerings BEFORE you invite your affiliate partners to promote you. Affiliate marketing should be only part of your business growth plan. 

Collaboration will help you grow and thrive, just remember not to go too far to where you’re merging your business with someone else’s business or losing sight of your own message and niche.

#5. Be a Collaborative Leader

Affiliate marketing is an opportunity to stand up and shine a spotlight on the people we admire saying, “they are amazing!”

…and doesn’t the world need more of that?

You can 4-10x your business while helping other purpose-driven entrepreneurs grow their businesses too. When you lead from a place of collaboration and uplift others, you become more magnetic in the process. 

We are the rising tide that lifts all boats!

So this week, rockstar, I invite you to reach out to a few potential affiliate partners and start planning your cross-promotions.

If you’re ready to rock your affiliate marketing, share this article with your colleagues so you can learn and grow together. 

Keep collaborating and remember your clients are waiting for you!

Let’s do this thing…together.


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6 months ago

as so much else in life 🙂 gotta work on ourselves first !

Sandra Zimmer
6 months ago

Great tips Sage on starting to collaborate and do JV partnering! So helpful! Just getting started by reaching out to a couple of friends to interview each other is brilliant. Keep shining your light to help others shine!

Jen Gens
6 months ago
Reply to  Sandra Zimmer

Mmm so inspiring right?! Love it.

6 months ago

One of my top 5 strengths on Strengthsfinder is Connectedness. I have been trying to do a lot by myself on the one hand and leaning too far into the “let’s do it together” on the other hand. I’ve been getting exactly nowhere! 🙂 I love the idea of sitting down with just 3 people who I know and trust, sharing this video with them, and agreeing to a schedule of cross-promotion. It feels authentic and exciting! It also feels easy, which is important. Thanks, Sage!

Jen Gens
6 months ago
Reply to  Nicole

So true. Love it Nicole.

Jen Gens
6 months ago

Wow! So good! I love the encouragement to not feel scarcity mentality in sharing about each other. It feels more like cross pollinating!

Also love the “date before marriage” analogy! Haha. So good!

Catalina Natalini
5 months ago

Loved this: When you lead from a place of collaboration and uplift others, you become more magnetic in the process. 
This was an inspiring post and I have one partner already. I can’t wait to see how this will unfold!

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