How to Attract Clients with Engaging Questions

Building a profitable speaking business starts with you rocking engaging virtual events.

One of my favorite tips for creating high engagement at your virtual events is…

Ask questions. 

In today’s Monday Motivation training, I’m teaching you how to create an engaging question for your purpose-driven business, so you can:

  • Attract your ideal clients
  • Create two-way communication & genuine connection
  • Inspire more “yes” at your next virtual event

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Your engaging question should…

  • Inspire an immediate response
  • Let your ideal clients know that you care
  • Speak to a topic that matters to them

Here are a few examples:

If you’re a dating coach, you may ask your ideal clients, “What intimidates you about online dating? Answer in one word or a short sentence.”

If you’re a chronic pain mentor, post a question like, “What part of your body needs some extra love today? Post below.”

Let’s say you’re a business mentor like me. Consider asking something like, “What do you most dislike about sales?” or “What’s the most intimidating part of marketing?”

By posting your engaging question on social media or inside your online community, you’re creating a two-way conversation. You’re engaging your ideal clients. Now they’re waiting for more answers from YOU.

Are you ready to practice? Join the Women Rocking Business Sisterhood and comment with your engaging question on this post.

I’m going to pick one commenter to win a flash prize when we start our 7-Day Rock the Virtual Stage Challenge next week.

This is a highly engaging, interactive training, where you’ll take action steps each day to craft your stage-ready message and offer, and begin to grow and monetize your speaking skills. 

Here’s what’s on the agenda: 

FEBRUARY 8 – DAY 1 – Craft Your Magnetic Speaker Message

FEBRUARY 9 – DAY 2 – Position Your Virtual Client-Attracting Talk

FEBRUARY 10 – DAY 3 – Create Engaging Videos that Go Viral

FEBRUARY 11 – DAY 4 – Enroll High Paying Clients as a Transformational Speaker

FEBRUARY 12 – DAY 5 – Monetize Your Stage with Hot Offers

FEBRUARY 13 – DAY 6 – Land Stage & Keynote Speaking Opportunities

FEBRUARY 14 – DAY 7 – Grand Finale Masterclass: 3 Keys to Fill Your Virtual Event

>>>Grab Your Free Seat

I’ll see you there, beauty!

Let’s do this thing…together.


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3 months ago

I like the suggestion of posting a question that everyone has an answer to. People don’t have to think about it and it’s an easy way to get them interacting with one another. I can’t wait for the training, Sage!

Cynthia Elise Holmes
3 months ago

I am thrilled to be here

Marisel de Yau
3 months ago

Do you know if / are you sure you are living your life on full purpose and with purpose?

Gail Cassidy
3 months ago

As a coach for educators, I would ask, “What upsets you most as a teacher today?

3 months ago

Love this.

My engaging questions for Purpose Clarity is:

What is one thing that you love to do, that sparks joy every time?!

& What is one thing that is stopping you (creating resistance) from doing that thing that brings you joy?

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