How to Attract Clients with the 4 Speaker Superpowers

Women entrepreneurs are a powerful force on this planet.

In fact, women entrepreneurs are actually superheroes.

We all have 4 incredible superpowers within us…

  • Visionary
  • Motivator
  • Truth teller
  • Nurturer

Today, we’re going to talk about these 4 archetypes so you can discover which one best represents YOU.

Plus, I’m inviting you to embrace all 4 powers so you can…

  • Get visible online
  • Feel confident on camera
  • Lead the stage – the woman’s way
  • Grow your love-based business
  • Rock your next offer & event

***Take the Speaker Superpower Quiz to find out your leading speaker superpower!***

Let’s dive into the 4 superpowers. 

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If you’re a visionary, you know your vision has to be bigger than your to-do list.

You’re here to guide people to the highest versions of themselves and remind them that they can’t get stuck in their story, obstacles, or gremlins that may be holding them back.

You have an amazing ability to help your clients get clear on their purpose and step into living their best lives.

Your clients want to work with you because you can stand in their vision and put a stake in the ground to say, “it’s time to make your greatest vision a reality.”


This superpower serves to help people rise into their greatest transformations. As a motivator, you’re not afraid to…

  • Stand in the fire with your clients
  • Call your clients forth to live their best lives
  • Bring the high energy your clients need

You embody the element of fire, and command “yes” energy when you’re rocking the stage. 

You have the gift of holding the highest intentions during your offer and inspiring your ideal clients to take action.


Truth teller, you are here to wake people up.

You have mastered the ability of calling people beyond complacency or mediocrity in a way that’s aligned with love and a deep level of care.

You know what’s standing in your clients’ way, and you’re not afraid to tell them when they’re playing small or dwelling in excuses. 

You are able to inspire your potential clients with love-based enrollment conversations. 


As a nurturer, you have the gifts of care, love, and empathy.

You understand the saying, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

During your offer, you create a deep sense of care and compassion with your audience before teaching them the content they need to know.

Your clients know you’ll fight for their desires with your purpose-driven business. 

Now that you know more about the superpowers, it’s so important to know…

  • Which superpower represents you the most
  • Which superpower you’d like to strengthen & keep building

***Take the Speaker Superpower Quiz to find out your leading speaker superpower!***

Let us know in the comments: Which are your strongest AND weakest archetypes?

I’m challenging you to work on your weakest superpower this week. Take some time to schedule a conversation with a…

…and practice strengthening this power.

Building your Visionary? Talk with them about their vision and help them see the highest version of themselves.

Practicing your Motivator? Bring motivation energy to the conversation! Practice being a high-vibe leader that excites them about their transformation with you.

Working on your Truth teller? Lovingly tell them about the strengths you see in them, as well as their opportunities to achieve their greatest desires. 

Exploring your Nurturer? Let them know how much you truly CARE about them. Turn up the volume on care, empathy, and love in your conversation. 

Remember, as women leaders, we have all 4 superpowers within us. It’s up to us to continue growing all of them so we can show up for our clients and make them feel…

  • Held, loved, and cared for
  • Like you’re taking a stand for them
  • Your willingness to bring them forth and live their best lives
  • Ready to transform their lives, businesses, health, relationships, and more!

Every person you touch with your voice is a life changed.

It’s time to step into inspired action.

Inhale. Exhale. 

You got this.

Please comment below: Which are your strongest AND weakest archetypes?

Let’s do this thing…together.


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Caroline Thompson
Caroline Thompson
9 months ago

I’m a MOTIVATOR and it totally fits!

9 months ago

I’m a truth-teller and I’d love to work on my visionary!

Jill Stein
Jill Stein
8 months ago

Embracing the need for all of the superpowers! I appreciate the lesson to address where I need to give a little extra focus.

7 months ago

I took this quiz again after the Rock Your Stage retreat. Because of what I learned at the retreat, it was so much easier for me to see how and why I landed on the archetype that keeps coming up for me. This is so powerful! Thank you, Sage, for reminding me, too, that every type of speaker super-shero lives inside of us. I am meeting with a Women Rocking Business sister today to work on ways to get stronger in my other 3 superpower areas.

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