How to Compete with Famous YouTubers

This week, I want to give you a few tips to compete with famous YouTubers (even if you’re just getting started!)

I’m sharing some of my favorite hacks, so you can…

  • Stand out against the established YouTubers with hundreds of videos
  • Start making MONEY with your message using proven video strategies
  • Reach more of your ideal clients (and change their lives!)

^^^Watch “How to Compete with Famous YouTubers”^^^

#1. Remember Quality Before Quantity

Before you get caught up in the big, shiny numbers on YouTube, remind yourself of this powerful truth:

The QUALITY of your connections in your journey to finding your next 5, 10, or 50 clients is way more important than the QUANTITY of people watching your content. 

Keep in mind you don’t need a ton of viewers to create a high-performance video training. I’ll always remember the time I led an event and only TWO people showed up. I focused on their unique challenges and desires and gave them an intimate semi-private coaching session and BOTH of them said “YES” to working with me!

#2. Ask for Cameras On

The best way to create meaningful connections is to establish two-way communication with your audience. You can reach people more deeply than even some of the top-performing YouTube videos out there. 

Create a space for two-way communications using Zoom or a web conferencing tool, and ask for your participants to turn their cameras ON. This allows you to deeply engage with your audience, offer valuable feedback, and ask important questions. 

Here are some hacks to encourage your audience to turn on their cameras:

  • Invite a few friends to show up with cameras turned on to help set an example of engaged two-way communication. 
  • Let your audience know it’s okay if they’re in their pajamas and assure them you just want to connect with them & get to know them better.
  • Overcome your Zoom overwhelm! Zoom is totally figure-out-able and it’s a great platform for creating engaged video experiences.

#3. Offer Experiential Trainings

People are no longer looking for the solution. They’re looking for their solution. That’s why experiential video trainings are performing so well! You design an opportunity for your audience to solve a problem, take an important next step, and create tangible action. 

Here are some terms to use when marketing your experiential video training:

  • Done-for-you
  • Done-with-you
  • Craft your plan to __________.
  • Get-it-done
  • Hands-on
  • Experiential
  • Masterclass

These are the trainings people are truly hungry for, and they create so much intimacy.

There’s a saying that states, “Impression without Expression Leads to Depression.” Your experiential video training allows your audience to integrate and express the content they’re learning…so they feel so much more connected and excited to work with you!

I have one final tip for you, rockstar. Remember that compare equals despair. Try not to compare yourself to the famous YouTubers out there, because you’ll interrupt your flow of creativity.

You have a unique gift and no one can change lives exactly how YOU can. The transformation you’re providing is truly one-of-a-kind and you can totally stand out with your message!

You got this, beauty!

Drop me a comment: what excites you about delivering live, experiential training?

Let’s do this thing…together.


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7 months ago

It’s exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you so much Sage! I’m so scared to go on zoom. Many things come to my mind stopping me. It’s always something to learn and especially about myself while breaking this pattern of my behavior

Jen Gens
7 months ago
Reply to  Regina

Regina, thank you for sharing your vulnerability. I find myself holding back but it’s so inspiring to hear others wanting to break the patterns! YES! Let’s Do this thing!

Sandra Hunter
Sandra Hunter
7 months ago

This is HUGELY helpful, Sage. The whole two-way communication and creating dialogue with potential clients is GOLD!

Jen Gens
7 months ago
Reply to  Sandra Hunter

Sweet Sweet Nectar! 😀

7 months ago

I’m ready the burst out my huge heart to the world. This here won me over into believing that no one can replicate me even though I see myself in others. I really need to stop watching and start creating and doing. Thanks Sage! You’re such a blessing.

7 months ago

Thank you, Sage. It’s important to stay creative and authentic to who we are. Our clients want to work with us, not with someone like us! Being confident with where we are and not focused on where we would rather be is important as well. I have some classes and challenges coming up and I’m looking forward to more high-level engagement.

Jen Gens
7 months ago
Reply to  Nicole

Nicole! You are DOING IT! Thank you for inspiring me! Thank you for inspiring your clients! And thank you for inspiring us ALL! I love hearing about your challenges and master classes. Thank you for doing it 😀 <3 Let’s connect!

Jen Gens
7 months ago

OMG this was SO good!

I’ve heard Sage say “Quality over Quantity” AND I love how she really explained this.

Especially the “WHY” you want someone to turn on their camera! “I want to support YOU” real person to real person!

Yes we are behind our computers but we are actual humans! CONNECT with our deeper why so that we can CONNECT with our Clients deeper why… not just so we are hired, but so we can actually let them feel seen & heard, hold space, and be of SERVICE in a greater way.

I’ve been going back to through my notes from actual client convos to understand exactly what they want in their own words… to understand who they truly are. And the truth is, they want support! They want to show up for themselves and they are asking for a safe space to do that. So, I’m most excited about showing up for my people! To be of service with my gifts so that I can also be of service to myself, my purpose, & something much greater than me!

“Connection is Currency!” REAL authentic Connection.

I love Sage’s Nuggets of Word Wisdom:

Compare = Despair
Impression w/o Expression = Leads to Depression
(Be sure to let ppl answer simple questions and ask them q’s live! Learn their unique struggles)
They want THEIR Solution = Foundational Biz Gold!

What I’m really hearing is “SHOW UP” and others with show up too! DO the THING. Get out of my/our own way. Because this is how I/ we are going to get to be OF SERVICE! AND let’s be real ~ That’s WAY more fun than just making money! I’ll take all three (Be of Service + Have FUN + Receive Money).. YES PLEASE!!

Thank you SAGE for this epic pump up of inspo!!!!!!

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