How to Create a Culture That Grows Your Business

Your business CULTURE is a huge component of creating a business that you want to wake up to every day. 

Whether your business is big or small, nurturing a positive culture is the key to building a business that grows for you. 

I’m teaching you how to create a business culture that will…

  • Bring you & your team love and joy
  • Take responsibilities off your plate
  • Attract the clients & team members who will be excited to grow with you!

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It all begins with a story about love. 

This past weekend, I attended an incredibly beautiful wedding.

My dear friend and client Meghan Neely married Erika, who is also a beloved coach at Women Rocking Business. Meghan and Erika are not only business partners (check out their podcast, “Lesbians in Love”), but they are also life partners. They are bringing an incredible gift to the planet: empowerment to the LGBTQ community. 

I felt so honored to witness two of our amazing coaches get married. Several of our team members attended the incredible wedding, and through my tear-filled eyes, I could see the beautiful culture we’ve created at Women Rocking Business.

It’s a culture of love, inclusivity, and celebration. We were all there in support of their LOVE when they said, “I do.” We celebrated Meghan and Erika and their wedding theme, “Two brides are better than one.” 

At Women Rocking Business, we lead with celebration. We take the time to appreciate all the business things.

“We got a new client.”

“We implemented a new tech system.”

“We rocked our latest event.”

But more importantly, we also celebrate our culture.

“We feel safe and loved.”

“We are happy to wake up each day and work with each other.”

“We are all in alignment with our greater purpose in this business.”

It’s an amazing feeling and I feel so thankful for it every day! That’s why I’m sharing with you my tips for creating a culture that grows your business….so you can do the same.

#1. Begin with Celebration

At the beginning of our meetings at Women Rocking Business, we always start with the same question:

“What can we celebrate?”

Talk about what happened in the past week that you’re proud of, whether it feels big or small!

I’ve found that when you celebrate the wins, more wins happen. It’s a huge part of creating a business culture that feels great for you, your team members, and your clients. 

#2. Make Your Clients the Heroes

As a business leader, you don’t necessarily have to be the hero.

You’re in business to change lives, which is why your clients are the true heroes (or she-roes!)

Throughout my journey of mentoring Meghan, I realized that I’m not the hero. She is.

I am the guide and she is embracing our training & tools to become the hero of her own life. More importantly, she started celebrating herself more and more as she continued her growth journey.  

Make the mindset shift that your clients are the real heroes – and you’ll build a culture that’s rooted in transformation, service, and purpose!

#3. Don’t Over Template Your Clients

Your clients don’t need a 100-step instruction guide that they need to follow exactly. 

They need support and a framework they can use to get out there and thrive!

Create a culture that flows and guides, and be careful not to over template your clients.


#4. Celebrate Your “Why?”

As your business grows, remember not to get lost in the day-to-day details and moving parts that you’re managing.

Always return to love, and remind yourself every day why you started this business and your highest intentions for your clients. 

Your purpose on this planet and the unique gift that only YOU have to offer are worth celebrating every day.

I’m so excited for you to nurture your business culture and celebrate all the amazing things you’re doing as a woman entrepreneur.

Please send some love & celebration to our newlyweds Meghan and Erika in the comments!

Also tell me in the comments: How do you want to FEEL while leading your business?

If you want to keep growing your culture and attracting your ideal clients, please check out my upcoming Stand Up & Stand Out Online Video Challenge. It would be my honor to support YOU and your amazing business that’s worth celebrating. 

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Your clients are waiting for you.

Let’s do this thing…together.


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