How to Create Your Core Speaker Message

If you want to build a speaking-based business, I’m inviting you to consider…

What is the core of your speaker message? 

If you’re stuck or confused on your message, or if you want to dial in your message so that you can reach more people, I want to share my message clarity framework to help you build your profitable speaking business.

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It’s called Zeitgeist, which means “spirit of the age.”

The world is in a huge transition, and you can use Zeitgeist to tap into what people are most craving right now. Zeitgeist helps you choose a message that is relevant right now.

When you combine the mindset of standing for a clear outcome with the concept of using Zeitgeist to identify what your ideal clients are currently craving…you can focus fully on your message. 

Your clear speaker message opens the doors for your business to scale, so you can:

  • Do more of what you LOVE
  • Stay in your creative zone of genius
  • Create a freedom schedule
  • Earn amazing money
  • Give back & support humanitarian projects
  • Work from anywhere
  • Grow a business that will thrive in any economy

At Women Rocking Business, our message has become so far-reaching that has allowed me to create an incredible life and a 7-figure speaking company that’s reaching hundreds of thousands of women entrepreneurs across the globe. 

The first step to reach more people and break free from the “trade time for dollars” paradigm is to get clear on your message and use virtual events to find your ideal clients. 

That’s why I invite you to sign up for my upcoming Rock the Virtual Stage Challenge February 8-14. During this experiential 7-day training, you’ll get the tools to…

  • Get even more clear on your core speaking message
  • Craft your irresistible talk to find your clients
  • Grow your speaking-based business online

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The time is NOW for you to grow your profitable speaking-based business and change the lives of all the people out there who are waiting for YOU.

I can’t wait for you to rock your message, beauty!

Let’s do this thing…together.


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