How to Create Your Evolutionary Message [Cabin Vlog]

I’m at my cabin in northern Minnesota.

It’s a place where I can reflect on where I’ve been…

….and where I’m going next. 

I made you a video to support you to dive into your message clarity and take the next step on your entrepreneurial journey.

^^^Watch “Message Clarity from the Cabin” Now^^^

My Grandpa built this cabin many years ago.

He created a small structure by the water that was originally designed to be an icehouse… because that’s what the property needed at the time.

Over time, we no longer needed an icehouse, so we converted it into storage for motors. Then as we eventually moved the motors out, it became a fishing station, storing rods, tackle, and other supplies.

More years have passed, and now we don’t really need a fishing station. So now t’s a steam sauna. It’s filled with calming essential oils so our family can unwind and relax while spending time here.

What have I learned from this small red structure?

We are evolving with our purpose. 

…and our messages need to evolve too.

You’re entering a new area of your life and business, and you can leverage all of your life experiences and lessons learned to keep moving forward.

Bring your unique set of skills.
Reflect on the leadership you’ve cultivated.
Listen to the higher purpose tapping you on the shoulder.

Then, take the next step in your business, because chances are it’s right in front of you. (It’s not as mysterious or ambiguous as you might be making it out to be.)

It’s no accident you’re here with an important message right now.
Your clients are waiting for your transformation right now. 

Everything that’s happened so far has brought you right here in this present moment. 

I invite you to take a few moments of reflection today and ask yourself:
How can I bring my skills forth into this new era of my life and biz?
(Let me know your answer in the comments below!)

I’m going to get back to hanging at the cabin, but first I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes:
“Clarity comes from taking action, not the other way around.”

Keep going, beauty!

You got this.

Let’s do this thing…together.


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1 month ago

Skills that I have gained, there are too many to mention. I am also a former teacher. NLP, Neurobiology and an ability to counsel on death row.

1 month ago

I love this inspiring video. Thank you Sage!

Tonya Claybaugh
Tonya Claybaugh
1 month ago

Thanks Sage it was the right motivation at just the right time.

Sylvester Eyo
Sylvester Eyo
1 month ago

The transitional steps of the ice house discussion is inspiring. It speak volume about how much priority is given to change in life journey.
Such that we keep moving in our purposes in the same space, with different messaging to achieve future benefits we deserves.
My reflective thought to your question point to my sales and marketing experiences, with the Airlines services. It gave me exposure to customer service relationship, with transition experience to marketing/sales trainer and more.
It all happened in the traditional business setting, with less of technology application.
I was in marketing consulting services before the out break of covit 19 pandemic.
It created a wider gap that involves, huge investment in technology to direct and drive traffic support for result revolution.
This is where I have to strive to learn the emerging trends to gain clarity, commitment and choices in virtual coaching practices.
This discussion is more of emotional mastery to me, I want to thank you so much for your help.
Sylvester Eyo.

Stephanie Marrone
Stephanie Marrone
1 month ago

Sage…you are absolutely right

leanne vandeligt
1 month ago

thanks for the video and message, definately have a talent for empowering, encouraging and simplify, teaching and making it so simple for creating change, bubbly and funny – just cant seem to formulate and stick to it long enough

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