How to Inspire Millions with Your Message with Lisa Nichols & Sage Lavine

I’m sharing some wisdom from one of the most skilled speakers I know.

Lisa Nichols is the ultimate embodiment of the shero’s journey. She is the founder of Motivating the Masses and the CEO of Motivating the Teen Spirit… and she’s also a single mom who rose up & shared her gifts after being kicked down to rock bottom.

Check out this quick interview to discover how to:

💙 Speak authentically to attract MILLIONS to your message
💙 Transform any past failure into FUEL to ignite your business success
💙 Let go of perfectionism and embrace TRANSPARENT speaking

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Lisa has inspired millions of people around the world, and grown her speaking businesses to over 7- and 8-figures. Here are some of my favorite tips & takeaways from this short-but-powerful conversation:

Let go of perfection.

Your ideal clients don’t want or need you to be perfect. They want to see how you navigate through life’s challenges as your authentic self.

Your clients don’t need your edited or filtered life.
They don’t need a performance.
They need your EXAMPLE.

Be transparent.

When you stand in your transparency, you can’t fall… because your feet are already on the ground. Lisa’s success centers around her willingness to be transparent, honest, and authentic.

When Lisa was on Oprah, she shared her ugly, messy truth with the world, and talked about how it made her the woman she is today. Then she received 9,782 emails in the next 72 hours.

Your ideal clients are attracted to the transparent YOU.

Transform failure into fuel.

Lisa reminds us that everything is fuel. 

Failure is fuel.
Your life experiences are fuel.
Your setbacks are fuel. 

Use your past failures or life’s challenges as steps to keep climbing higher in life and business. 

Respond to your negative chatter.

When Lisa first started her speaking journey, she had a lot of negative chatter in her head about why it wouldn’t work.

Can you relate?

You may have a million reasons in your head of why you shouldn’t do it… but you just need ONE reason why you should. 

That one reason can drown out all of the negative chatter. Lisa and I both started our businesses with feelings of shame and self-doubt, but we felt a greater message calling us forward in our speaking careers. 

Comment below:
What’s your biggest takeaway from this conversation with Lisa?

Honor your imperfections out loud.
Share your authentic truth.
Don’t keep your message to yourself.

Let’s do this thing…together.


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