How to Leverage Client Testimonials for Sales Success

One of the best tools you have to rock your offer and uplevel your marketing is…

Client testimonials!

Testimonials are like gold for your business, because they support you to:

✔️ Sell your programs through authentic success stories

✔️ Boost your offer with the voice of satisfied clients

✔️ Ramp up belief in yourself and the transformation you provide!

I’m sharing my best tips on how to gather testimonials and leverage them in your business. 

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Collecting Testimonials

Create testimonial request videos.

Record personalized videos requesting your clients share their stories. Provide instructions on how to write or record their testimonial and ask questions you’d like them to answer.

Ask for specifics. 

Prompt your client to tell you their biggest challenge, the exact process and tools that helped them overcome this challenge, and the results they’re experiencing after working with you.

Be mindful of how you ask.

Don’t just ask, “Can I please have a testimonial?” Make it personal by inquiring, “I’d love to feature your success so others can have the same results you’ve had. I’m wondering if you’d share your story with me.”

Rewrite it to fit your needs.

If you’re going to edit your client’s testimonial to best fit the offer or situation you have in mind, make sure the heart of the message stays the same and you ask your client to approve the revised version.

Get permission.

Always ask if you can share your client’s success story publicly. You can even offer to change their name to keep the story anonymous. 

Consider paying or non-paying clients.

Testimonials aren’t restricted to only paying clients. You can feature anyone who has experienced your services, even if you didn’t charge them for it. 

Partner with a sister. 

If you don’t yet have any clients who can provide testimonials, consider trading services with an entrepreneurial sister and offer to share your stories with each other.

Make it a priority.

Testimonials are so precious for your business! Consider reaching out to your clients for their success stories on a regular basis. 

Leveraging Testimonials

Include testimonials in your offer.

Testimonials can serve as one of the hottest tools supporting your offer! Include them on your slides, tell your clients stories, and feature their testimonial videos if possible. 

Create a montage.

Edit together a few of your video testimonials (selfie-style or traditional) to create a montage you can play right before your next offer. 

Use them again and again.

Feel free to use each testimonial in more than one place! You can feature them on your website, in your offer slides, from the stage, and more. 

Share the full story.

When you’re sharing your client’s story, highlight the low points and the high points of the transformational journey, and illustrate the path from challenge to success.

Show some love.

Let your clients (and potential clients) know how much you care about their journeys and appreciate their time and vulnerability to share their stories. 

Appreciate the sales power.

Remember, your clients can sell better than you! Consider testimonials a powerhouse piece of your enrollment strategy. 

I’m so excited for you to start collecting more client testimonials and using them to rock your next event or sales conversation!

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