How to Position Your Talk & Share Your Story

Today’s training is all about giving you quick & easy tips to…

✔️ Position your talk & message
✔️ Tell your story from the stage
✔️ Create a simple outline for your speaking engagement

I’m sharing a coaching video from my recent Rock the Stage Challenge, where we supported thousands of women to position their virtual client-attracting talks. 

This clip features a radiant rockstar named Tharifa Wenrich, who was planning a speaking engagement to talk about her new book 20 Lives Ignited: How 20 Women OVER 60 are Creating Success on Their Own Terms.

So check out the video below and keep reading for tips to rock your talk.

^^^Watch “How to Position Your Talk & Share Your Story” Now^^^

Here are some of talk & story tips that we shared in Tharifa’s coaching session that you can use next time you’re rocking the stage:

Make it about the audience. Connect your message to your audience members within the first 2-5 minutes of presenting your talk.

Start with engaging questions. Ask questions that attract attention, build connection, and create “yes” energy from the stage. 

Tell your story. Start from a low point and end on a high note, so your client can understand and relate to your personal journey. 

Share actionable tips. Give a few tips that your audience can engage with right away to introduce them to your unique transformation. 

Be mindful of time. Find balance with how much time you spend telling your story versus sharing tips. (Bonus tip: for shorter talks, experiment with the idea of infusing your story with your tips)

Wrap it up. End your talk by letting the audience know how to stay in touch with you, whether it be asking for a text or an email, or sending them to a web page or booking link. 

I hope these tips help you rock the stage & position your talk in a way that inspires so much “yes” from your audience.

Please leave some love in the comments for our incredible sister, Tharifa!

You got this, rockstar!

Let’s do this thing…together.


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Mary Pat FitzGibbons
1 month ago

OMG this was great info. I do ask questions at the start but I need to tweak and up level them. I bought her book. I’m going to be 70 and I have things I want to do with my life. Great motivation

Jenna Ernstes
Jenna Ernstes
1 month ago

thanks lots of good tips!!

1 month ago

Very well put, thanks so much for the input. I’m at the early stage of my business and this information will really help.

Des Caminos Embodiment Life Coach

I was in this powerful amazing challenge when Tharifa spoke and hearing it again the second time. So many beautiful pieces of information! Each time I am amazing, inspired and humbled by Sage and Meghan insights and the relatability of Tharifa!!

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