How to Rock Love & Business as a Female CEO

Some of you know I met my soulmate last year after 10 years of waiting & searching using many of the same principles that my amazing colleague & client, Junie Moon teaches. 

Drew & I are engaged and I’ve never been happier. 

If you are wanting to…

  • Ensure any bad CEO habits of control or force don’t push AWAY love
  • Find love or grow love to match the powerful YOU that you’ve become 
  • Launch a business while also making time for mind blowing romance & love

…then you’re going to fall head over heels for our amazing client Junie Moon.

Junie is the CEO of Midlife Love Out Loud, a global love mentor, bestselling author, and podcast host. She has helped thousands of women claim their birthright to love themselves without apology and attract Next Level Love. 

Check out my interview with Junie to discover her life-changing love wisdom. 

^^^Watch “How to Find Quantum Self Love (Interview with Junie Moon)” Now^^^

What is Next Level Love?

Junie defines “Next Level Love” as the ability to be yourself without apology. It’s a feeling of being fully aligned with everything that is important to you. Next Level Love opens the door to growing a relationship with someone who wants your fullest self and all that you are. 

You can experience Next Level Love not only in your romantic relationships and friendships, but also in your business too… so you can step into your highest level of self-love and authentic leadership.

How Do You Experience Next Level Love?

Whether you’re looking to find Next Level Love for the first time or grow it in an existing relationship, the first step begins with knowing who you are.

What makes you feel important?
What makes you feel unimportant?

What makes you feel worthy?
What is standing in the way of you feeling worthy?

(Some of these questions are difficult to answer, so please be gentle with yourself and have compassion for your journey!)

You’ve picked up so many messages along your unique life path that may have created feelings of doubt and unworthiness that could be blocking you for your Next Level Love. 

So once you get to know yourself, start asking…

How can I shift these thoughts?
How can I heal?
How can I feel aligned with my values?

What is Your Love Shadow?

Your love shadow is the part of you that got shamed, weakened, or burdened with a belief that you can’t be the person you want to be. It creates thoughts like:

“What if I get left out?”
“What if I get shamed?”
“What if I end up getting hurt from this?”

There are 4 main shadows that keep women from self-love and creating intimacy:

Magician realm.
Feeling fearful, scared of being seen, worried about making a mistake.
(It’s that “walking on eggshells” feeling.)

Sovereign realm.
Experiencing challenges with self-esteem, where you may feel the need to overshoot how great you are, or do the opposite and retract. 

Lover realm.
Feeling that love is scary and it’s unsafe to open up, and knowing you’ve been wounded and/or betrayed.
(It’s a voice saying, “Last time I opened my heart, it was a bad thing.”)

Warrior realm.
Wondering you are as your own self separate from other people, and having challenges with boundaries and communication. 

Comment below: which love shadow do you think is affecting you the most?

Remember, your shadow can affect all areas of your life including your business, friendships, and romantic relationships – so this work can help you in so many ways!

Shadow work helps shed light on what they are and how to overcome them. 

Junie’s shadow work is so powerful! She works with our multi 6- and 7-figure earning clients at Women Rocking Business to help them move past their deepest shadows. She’ll be doing shadow work at her upcoming Love-A-Thon too!

How Do You Start Attracting Next Level Love?

According to Junie, Next Level Love starts with awareness.

Identify where you’re pushing, struggling, or blocked…
Then start to peel back the layers of your shadow and self-sabotage.

Do the shadow work it takes to heal, shift, and transform, so you can unleash the truest version of YOU. (Shadow work can create incredible results in your love life AND your business!)

Finally, find a safe place where you can get support and be vulnerable in community, so you can feel uplifted on your journey of healing your shadow and attracting Next Level Love.

How Do You Join Junie’s Love-A-Thon?

If this training is resonating with you, I highly recommend you check out Junie’s upcoming Love-A-Thon called Magnetize Midlife Love.

You’ll take a deeper dive into your love shadows and start the powerful work to transform and open your heart to Next Level Love. 

You’ll start setting boundaries, overcome self-sabotage, and have the opportunity to share more about your journey in a safe place.

If you know there’s deeper work to be done…
If you want to experience quantum self love…

>>>Sign up for the Love-a-Thon

You are brave.
You can heal.
You deserve Next Level Love.

Let’s do this thing…together.


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