3 Steps to Rock Your Transformation-Based Sales

If you know it’s time to…

  • Skill up in sales & enrollment
  • Uplevel your offer
  • Overcome your sales-related dread

…then let me introduce you to transformation-based sales.

It starts with a mindset shift. One thing I always tell my clients is, “sales is representative of the transformation you provide.”

In other words, sales is actually just a byproduct of you standing in the transformation you’re offering as a purpose-driven mentor.

Here are my 3 tips to rock your transformation-based sales, so you can feel…

  • Aligned with your feminine values & greater purpose
  • Confident & comfortable (not sales-y and pushy) while rocking your offer
  • Ready to enroll more clients & change more lives!

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#1. Lead Your Events with Transformation

At Women Rocking Business, we fill our programs and find our ideal clients through virtual and in-person events. 

The reason why our events are a successful part of our business is because we center the itinerary around the transformation we know our attendees want. 

As you’re planning your next event, let your transformation do most of the heavy lifting. Plan to deliver training you know your audience wants, and position your offer in a way that lets them see the greatest version of themselves as a result of your transformative program.

Feel comfortable to rest in your transformation too. Your attendees aren’t looking for precision in your words or perfectly laid out content…they are looking for solutions to the problems that are holding them back in their lives.

Let me tell you a quick example. 

A few years ago, I led a 500-person event and I was so nervous to rock it and have everything run smoothly.

But on the second day of the event, I experienced body breakdown and I needed to rest. My team sent me to bed and they led the evening session for me. I had never missed this session before. 

This good night’s sleep was exactly what I needed to feel better and show up for the third day. We ended up making over a million dollars at this event and enrolling more clients than ever before.

A big part of this event’s success was me letting go and taking time for self-care. It was my goal to teach women to grow their businesses no matter what and build business structures that allow them to rest and heal…

…and that’s exactly what I did during the event. 

When you embody the transformation you’re offering, you help your potential clients see that it’s possible for them too!

#2. Understand the Learning Cycle

As a former high school science teacher, I’ve spent time studying how people learn most effectively.

I discovered the learning cycle, which breaks down the most efficient way of delivering training for students, event attendees, and clients alike.

There are 4 steps: Evoke, Express, Make Meaning, Integrate. Here’s how to lay them out at your next event.

Step #1: Evoke

This is the teaching part of learning! Give your audience the content they need to understand the subject matter through content like stories, slides, videos, and more. 

Step #2: Express

Give your audience a chance to express themselves. This may mean sending them into small groups or Zoom breakouts, or prompting them to engage with a comments thread on social media. 

Step #3: Make Meaning

Open the space for your audience to reweave the subject matter together with you and make meaning of what they just learned. A great way to make meaning is to ask your audience to share what they’ve learned and what they’re gaining from the training.

Step #4: Integrate

Let your audience put their training to action! Give them an action step (like post inside of a social media group) or give them a little plan of action following their training.

The learning cycle creates a transformational container that lets your audience make the most of their training and see & touch their greatest potential. It’s a tangible process that allows them to feel ready to invest in themselves through your program.

#3. Balance Your Content with Your Offer

I’m often asked, “How much content should I give my audience? How much is too much?”

I think we’re asking the wrong question.

It’s more important to ask, “How am I structuring my content?”

When we can design each content session in alignment with the learning cycle, we’re allowing our audience to interact with the content and express themselves.

That’s what’s going to help them understand and experience your transformation, and get excited for the next step with you.

People can only absorb content for 20 to 40 minutes before they need to interact with it. When you follow the learning cycle and then shine the light on what happens next… the people who are ready to get to the next level will be a natural “yes.”

Focus on the outcome, the next step, the problem you’re solving, and the big transformation that you’re bringing to their lives!

Comment below: Tell me one word that describes how you CURRENTLY feel about sales, and one word for how you WANT to feel about sales.

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Transformation sells…and you’re bringing an amazing transformation to this planet with your unique gift!

Get out there and rock this week, beauty!

Your clients are waiting for you.

Let’s do this thing…together.



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