How to Survive Facebook Outages

Social media is one of the BEST tools for…

  • Building thriving communities
  • Connecting with your ideal clients
  • Sharing your magnetic message

So what do you do when a platform goes down?

The answer is:
Diversify your marketing!

If last week’s Facebook outage stirred up some anxious energy, I invite you to discover my top 6 tips for social media proofing your business and making sure you’re not dependent on any single platform.

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#1. Be Gentle on Yourself

It’s easy to spiral into overwhelm when technology isn’t working. When you’re in that “hair on fire” mode, it’s more important than ever to be kind to yourself. Keep a few things in mind:

  1. Facebook isn’t perfect
  2. You’re not perfect
  3. I’m not perfect
  4. NOTHING is perfect!

…and that’s OKAY. Life and technology will throw you curveballs, but remember sister…

Your gift is NOT dependent on technology.

Just because Facebook is down, it does not mean your gift is diminished or invisible in any way. YOU and your purpose are your greatest assets, and social media is simply a platform where you do business. 

Take a deep breath. Remember your “why.” Accept imperfection as part of life’s beauty.

#2. Don’t Run Away

A 6-hour outage isn’t a reason to ditch Facebook. It’s still an incredible platform where you can…

  • Create online communities (like our 50,000+ member sisterhood) 
  • Communicate in a group and public setting
  • Find your ideal clients & grow your network
  • Reach people organically (no cost!) and run ads too

The reality is: our digital platforms will fail us occasionally.

Don’t beat them up (or beat yourself up) over an outage, and avoid making major decisions about your marketing platforms when you’re inside the negative energy of an outage.

#3. Have Back-Up Resources

A huge part of creating a diverse marketing strategy is having tools in your back pocket that can support you when any of your digital platforms stop working.

Facebook serves as our main online community at Women Rocking Business, but we also have other tools in our back pocket, like and, if we need to connect our clients & community members elsewhere.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget about email marketing!

Email marketing is…

  • Very much ALIVE
  • Active marketing
  • Profitable

There’s so much value in actively landing in your audiences’ inboxes versus waiting for them to scroll past your content on social media. 

#4. Send SMS Texts

During a Facebook outage, your community members may not be able to log into their apps, but they most likely still have their phones in hand.

Consider adding SMS texting to your marketing plan so you’re just a text away from sharing your message and keeping your members updated & connected.

Here are a few quick SMS text marketing tips:

  • Get permission & collect numbers
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Be kind & warm!

#5. Embrace Technology

Technology overwhelm is SO common among women entrepreneurs, and an outage can contribute to feelings of avoidance or frustration.

If you can relate, I challenge you to take a moment to appreciate your technology. It opens the doors for you to find the people who need you the most….people who you most likely wouldn’t meet from traditional in-person networking.

Technology holds space for us to gather virtually, build supportive communities, and communicate with each other. 

It’s what allows you to diversify your business and attract MORE clients…so you can get out there and change MORE lives.

#6. Take 100% Responsibility

This final tip is so important! During an outage, you may feel a surge of heat or fire within you. Don’t use this energy to…

  • Point the finger
  • Feel like a victim
  • Play the blame game

Instead, OWN IT.

Channel this energy into a sense of responsibility for creating a business that isn’t dependent on a single platform. Because that’s what a freedom business is all about!

As an entrepreneur, you decided to live life on your own terms and create a business that serves you. This is your opportunity to diversify your marketing, so the only thing you’re reliant on is your life-changing, transformative, much-needed GIFT.

I hope you can use these tools to diversify your marketing & survive any future Facebook outages.

No matter what’s happening in the tech world, remember…

Your ideal clients are out there waiting for YOU.

They’re waiting for real-life transformation that only YOU can provide. 

Get out there and rock your diverse marketing strategy, beauty!

Let’s do this thing…together.


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Peaches Knaut
Peaches Knaut
8 months ago

Oh Sage, I love your spirit! Your are such an inspiration! I have learned so much from you and I believe it will help the world! But more, I loved seeing you with your man on FB, that to me, marriage (hopefully) is a covenant with God, and that with Him in the middle, a cord of three is not easily broken! I pray that you will have all the joy and then some in your relationship, all the Perfect Love that your hearts can hold!! Thank you for the tutoring! I am hoping to start a business to spread the Gospel of Love and Peace and Joy, but God hasn’t opened which one for me to go through, yet. I guess I am the lady in waiting! Blessings!

8 months ago

Hi Sage I love the reminder. I plan to learn and start using text messaging. Working on starting my blog. I love all the tips you have shared. Thank you. Chipochemeso

8 months ago

Thank you for these eye-opening tips! The outage definitely felt like a curveball. It’s so important to have a diverse marketing strategy. 🙂

8 months ago

No “hair on fire!” Absolutely! The last thing I need is something else to panic about, and that energy will not be attracting many people to work with me for sure. I actually found that day to be refreshing and used it to reflect on how much time I spend on social media. I’m not on IG, but that day, I was worried about the WhatsApp users worldwide. My FB group members messaged me wondering where my scheduled post was and why they couldn’t get into my group. At least they were looking for me! 🙂 I have investigated Mighty Networks and am considering running free and low-cost groups from there as a trial. These are great suggestions, Sage–thank you!

Jill Stein
Jill Stein
8 months ago

So much drama! Thank you for the tips to survive things like this.

Jen Gens
8 months ago

I LOVE you Sage! haha.. I love how you Keep It Real! NO ONE and nothing is Perfect!

I didn’t even realize FB had an outage! Oops. haha… I def don’t feel dependent on FB AND that being said this is great encouragement for getting on top of my mailing list! Thanks for that!

I love the encouragement to “Take it ON!” & how creativity and anger come from the same TCM channel.

I def need to get on more platforms.. consistently!

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