I’m on my way to Joshua Tree…

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a really sweet holiday and that you didn’t overeat as much as I did. ☺ The New Year is upon us and it’s really an exciting time to set intentions.

I’m on my way to a 3-day silent meditation retreat in Joshua Tree, California with my mentor Reverend Michael Beckwith. During that retreat I’ll be choosing what I call a focused intention for 2016, which is something I do every year.

I invite YOU to choose your own focused intention for YOUR businesses for 2016. Here’s what this can do for you…

And Yes, I recommend you choose just ONE!

Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through this & give you some examples –

I know it’s crazy, there’s all kinds of complex goal setting and business planning processes out there to choose from. However, the older I get, the more I return to the powerful simplicity of committing to one intention. This choice to focus has changed my life and changed my client’s lives… and it can for you too.

Here are a couple examples…

One year, for the entire year, I had the intention to experience “FREEDOM” – I took 3 international trips that year in addition to growing my company to a million in revenue.

My soul needed to know that I could create my dream business without sacrificing my adventurous spirit.

Another year, my intention was on “TEAM”… this was the year I hired several new staff members and began focusing on growing a tribe of women who wanted to get behind my vision and make it… OUR vision (and an incredible year it was).

This year, I’m leaning toward an intention of “Presence”.

I want to focus this year on cultivating a presence to what I’ve built, to my clients and to the unfolding moments of my life.

This year, I also officially begin writing my new book for Women who want to ROCK their businesses… I see the writing process as a process of being completely absorbed in the presence of what wants to come through.

One last crucial distinction: This is about setting an INTENTION while releasing EXPECTATION…

When you have a clear intention and you’re willing to walk toward it… even on the days that bring bumps in the road, you can still trust you’re moving forward toward your vision.

You will have surrendered any specific expectations about what your journey will look like, and you can enjoy the ride!

Lastly, keep in mind that when you set an “in-tention”, it may feel at times like you’re “in” – “tension” while you’re taking the steps toward living into that vision. Walking through the tension is part of the journey and makes the manifestation on the other side that much sweeter.

So my dears, post your INTENTION for 2016 below, even if it’s a work in progress… and let’s create a shared community intention for what we want our year to look like!!!

What will it be for you? “Service”? “Leadership”? “Financial Sustainability”?

I look forward to reading your responses below… and supporting you to rock it out this year!


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