Incredible Act of Generosity & Sisterhood (This has NEVER happened before!)

Hello rockstar!

At my recent 3-Day Rock Your Online Sales Retreat….

Something incredible took place LIVE that has never happened before. 😮

I gave away $15,000 worth of year-long training to one woman but TWO women ended up receiving the prize. 

Today I’m sharing this powerful video clip to reveal how this absolutely INCREDIBLE act of generosity and sisterhood played out.

^^^Watch “Incredible Act of Generosity & Sisterhood” (This has NEVER happened before!) ^^^

I am still blown away by Tarah Mayers, Latasha N., and Dr. Jaycee Mayers for their amazing commitment to uplifting each other through sisterhood and changing the world with their life-changing gifts. 

This emotional video reminds us how important it is to lead with generosity, collaboration, and support! We go so much further when we go together.

Tell me in the comments: how do YOU want to incorporate more generosity into your business?

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Let’s do this thing…together.



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Andrea Petrut
1 month ago

Well, Sage, it seems you are training and supporting women very well :)) So well that they play to the end 😉 Congratulations to everyone for modeling what is possible, and showing what sisterhood means. It’s a change in the world. Inspiring!

Amede Achingale
1 month ago

Wowww, very emotional! I need some of this

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