Is Chat GPT Ethical?

I’m here to address the most pressing question of the month:
Is Chat GPT ethical?

First let me say…
I’m not an AI expert.

But, I’d love to help you navigate this topic and share some wisdom based on my Chat GPT experiences, including:

  • Recently meeting Sam Altman, a founder of Chat GPT, and learning how he thinks
  • Leveraging AI to increase productivity and efficiency at Women Rocking Business
  • Training our clients how to use AI to grow their businesses

If you’re wondering if Chat GPT is a good tool for your heart-based business, or if you’re feeling a little confusion or uncertainty around AI, check out this video below.

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The Energy of Chat GPT

Some resources in this world carry neutral energy. They’re then used to create positive or negative energy depending on the human agenda we put on them.

Take money as an example.
Or the internet.
…or Chat GPT. 

Chat GPT can serve as a thinking partner.
An extension of your brain.
An online assistant.

So if you want to leverage this tool in a way that feels good and aligned with your values, ask yourself questions like:

“How can I use this to change more lives?”
“How can I use this to solve more problems?”
“How can I use this to better serve my clients and community?”

Think about how you can make Chat GPT work for you, rather than you having to go work for it. 

Creating Mindfulness

Does Chat GPT make you a little nervous?
I can relate. It makes a lot of people nervous.

As we embark on this new era of technology, it’s important to find more mindfulness in your business leadership.

Because the more uncertainty you have…
…the more you need to embrace inner peace and self-trust. 

If you’re feeling some nervousness about this changing online world, try to look at this as an opportunity to trust yourself and your values.

YOU are here to change lives, share your message, and create transformation.
Chat GPT isn’t going to change your purpose or your “why.”

Your Relationship with Chat GPT

Is Chat GPT the enemy?
My answer is no.

Will the bigger companies down the road be the enemy?
Maybe. We don’t know yet.

Chat GPT rolled out earlier than some of the major players’ versions so that small business owners and entrepreneurs can get a feel for it, and discover how to leverage it for our businesses. 

As this new technology rolls out, we’re tuning into the thought leadership of spiritual guides, influential leaders, and business experts to keep navigating the ethical questions around AI resources.

It’s up to YOU to decide your relationship with Chat GPT… and that relationship may keep evolving with time as it becomes clearer how AI will shape our future. 

So Is Chat GPT Ethical?

There isn’t an exact answer.

It’s all about how YOU choose to use this tool to shape your business and grow your brand. 

So take some time this week to feel out the energy of Chat GPT.
Find your inner trust and mindfulness.
Start to think about your relationship with AI tools.

You got this. 

Let’s do this thing…together.


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