Life-Changing Healing for Women Entrepreneurs (Interview with Brandy Gillmore)

You have a life-changing gift to bring to this planet.

If you want to create change in the world and thrive as a woman entrepreneur, you first have to…

  • Break free from negative thought processes (yep, even if they started in childhood)
  • Identify the limiting emotional beliefs that are holding you back (and overcome them)
  • Heal any lingering pain in your body & mind (even if you’ve tried everything to fix it)

That’s why I’m so excited to share this interview with Brandy Gillmore, one of my incredible mentors. She’s a world-renowned speaker, healer, host of the Heal Yourself Change Your Life podcast, and TedX speaker who has taught people all over the world to experience rapid healing results using the power of the mind.

Her life-changing work began with her own journey. She was injured and confined to a wheelchair, walker, and cane for 7 years. Then, she discovered these powerful emotion-based healing tools and changed her life forever. Now, she’s training with body builders, resuming all the activities she loves, and rocking her amazing business.

Check out our interview here: 

^^^Watch “Life-Changing Healing for Women Entrepreneurs (Interview with Brandy Gillmore)” Now^^^

Here are some of my favorite tips from this powerful interview:

    1. Understand how emotions affect the body. Your body reacts to different emotions. For example, your face might turn red if you’re embarrassed, or your heart will likely start racing if you’re scared. 
    2. Lift your emotions first. Brandy calls this “reverse emotional processing.” Begin by lifting your emotions and really feel them. Then, start thinking from this new emotional state. The more you can lift your emotions, the more your consciousness can expand to see solutions.
    3. Identify childhood patterns affecting your mind now. Take a deep dive into why you may be facing certain emotions or challenges in your life or biz, and trace them back to thinking patterns that may have originated during childhood… then start to challenge them and shut them down. 
    4. Raise your emotional vibrations with music. Listen to happy, empowering songs that evoke positive emotions, like “Roar” by Katy Perry, “Celebration” by Kool & the Gang, or “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves.
    5. Take inventory of what might be causing your ailments. When you’re feeling restricted by pain or body breakdown, tune in and ask yourself, “which emotions may be causing this right now?”
    6. Lead your life and biz with integrity. Focus on how you treat people…beginning with how you treat yourself. 

To learn more about Brandy, I highly recommend checking out her TedX talk or visiting her website. 

Tell us in the comments: what’s your biggest takeaway from this interview with Brandy?

You’re more powerful than you may think, rockstar!

Keep lifting.
Keep expanding.
Keep growing.

Let’s do this thing…together.


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Karen Connell
1 month ago

I love this. I have been on a path to find various ways to help myself as well as others for 20 years. Thank you for bringing clarity through this interview about the emotional component.

1 month ago

So phenomenal hearted korero. Thank you for thus Sage and Brandy. I love this and practice this. Im so grateful for all the wisdoms x

1 month ago

Sage i have to say it was so funny that you had the bingo healing. Awesome

12 days ago

Thank you. ❤️

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