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We appreciate your interest in collaborating with Sage Lavine!

At Women Rocking Business, we know that collaboration is the way to rock our businesses… the woman’s way! We love collaboration and have a strong network of allies around the world. What we experience, again and again, is that when we do things together, and in support of each other, we all thrive.

Sage is available for interviews and conversations with the media. Sage has been featured on ABC, Fox News, NPR, Santa Cruz Sentinel and more. If you’re in the media and interested in interviewing Sage or inviting her to your show, please complete the contact form below.

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Social Networking

Sage is all about staying connected online and filling our social networks with engaging content. We invite you to join our online communities and cultivate rich conversations that uplift everyone:

Where we can't always say "yes"

Sage is on a mission to empower women across the world to ROCK business. She devotes her time to speaking, coaching, delivering on client programs and managing the Women Rocking Business team. Here are the opportunities that we can’t always support.

  • Telesummits: Given the full nature of Sage’s calendar, she is not available for telesummits at this time.
  • Product Endorsement/Promotion: We often receive requests from people asking us to endorse or even promote their products to our community. We are unable to say yes to these requests when we don’t know you or haven’t used your product/program.
  • Affiliates & JV Partnerships: Sage does not participate in other people’s affiliate programs unless she has personally experienced their work or has known them for months or even years and can stand behind their work 100%.
  • Keynote Speaking: Sage has spoken to thousands of leaders across well-known international stages and women’s empowerment conferences. While she loves speaking on the importance of women entrepreneurship, she unfortunately cannot say “yes” to all keynote speaking opportunities.

If after reading this, you think we have some collaborating to do, please fill out the form below. Our team will review your request and respond within 5 business days. Thank you for your interest in collaborating with us!


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