My NEW Podcast is Officially Launched!

I am so excited to announce I just launched my NEW Women Rocking Business podcast! I can’t wait for you to tune in & learn about the AH-MAZING content I have planned – including exclusive training from guest experts, my latest proven business formulas, online tips & hacks, and more!

(Click here to check out my NEW Podcast, “Women Rocking Business with Sage Lavine.”)

In shaping the vision for my new podcast, I realize I’m inspired by so many things like…

…how the time is NOW for women leaders and entrepreneurs to stand up & speak out

…the importance of finding our ideal clients online TODAY and growing our digital communities

…the Women Rocking Business core values of collaboration rather than competition, empowerment rather than power over, and generosity rather than urgency

But truthfully, my biggest source of inspiration is YOU. It’s YOUR movement. YOUR message. YOUR bravery in saying “YES” to business leadership, financial independence and the powerful feminine energy within you.

That’s why the Women Rocking Podcast serves to answer YOUR big questions, including: 

What have you been through that you never should have had to go through?

And how did it help you develop a superpower that you are ready to bring to the STAGE, to your clients and to the world?

What do you see is missing from the lives we live?

What makes you angry?

What’s in your way?

What do you STAND FOR?

On the Women Rocking Business Weekly Podcast, my commitment to you is that EVERY WEEK you’ll be PROVIDED with your BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH so that we can together answer these questions & dive into the strategies that are proven to work. I want to show you how to…

  • Enroll your clients with honesty and integrity
  • Market yourself in a way that feels really good for you
  • Take the stage (virtual or live) and get your message out there
  • Grow your community online & find your ideal clients
  • Keep your vibration HIGH, your heart open and your mind focused on building a business that you LOVE waking up to!

To my entrepreneurial sisters across the globe who are ready to rock the world of business, this podcast is for you. 

I hope to see you at the next show.

Let’s do this thing…together.


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