My Post Ecuador Melt-Down & What I did

This is vulnerable to share but feels important… When I got back from Ecuador a couple weeks ago I had a major stress attack. Despite the free spirit you see in the photo here, I got off the plane only to find out that my landlord was moving back into my ocean view home, and in addition to the Sage_ecuadormountain of work that waited, the jet-lag as well as tending my tender heart that longed for the timelessness of the jungle, I had to find a place to live, fast.

Thank God for my inner resources, my team, and the mindset tools I teach my clients in my Entrepreneurial Training Programs. After my meltdown (because every breakdown really can precede a breakthrough)… I dug into my very own Sage notes on stress and remembered this lifesaving perception shift:

Stress is not toxic in and of itself.

Just because your heart rate goes up doesn’t mean you’re toxifying your body with stress. In fact, recent research has discovered that stress can be just as beneficial as it is harmful.

Try perceiving the increased heart rate and rapid breath that comes with stress as your body preparing for bold action, rather than assuming that something is wrong… when you embrace your extra energy, it can help you be ready to be your best.

In fact, they did a research study where they educated people about this one thing, just like I’m doing with you- and they discovered that the blood vessels of those people who were able to perceive their body’s stress response as helpful were able to stay relaxed, clear, and effective.

Instead of perceiving stress as a catastrophe or something to resist against, the GOAL is to not contract in response to your heart rate & breath increasing- we have control over this!

The heart rate increase and rapid breaths come in to remind us that life is real.

When we’re stressed about money, that panic response comes to help get you off your butt. Your breath and heart don’t want you to be broke!

When I found out I wasn’t going to have a place to live in a matter of a few weeks, my body was clear with me that I needed to do something about it, and fast.

So I did… I covered my bases, I implemented a plan B. My dear friends Tery & Russ opened their home to my sweet cats and me, should I not find a place in my allotted time.

You better believe I was breathing more freely once I knew that was an option.

Then, I started the search, and enlisted a lot of help from my amazing assistant Rachael and my friends. We ended up finding the perfect place, and it also has an ocean view, just like my last place. ((INSERT BIG HAPPY FACE ☺))

It’s not talent or mysterious secret powers that separate those who become successful from those who don’t.

The truth is, it’s those who are most self-aware who rise to the top.

The article also said that people who learn to have a healthy relationship with their stress live up to 40 years longer, this is the difference between living happily to 100 vs. having a stress related heart attack at 60.

This info comes from a great book called “The Willpower Instinct: How Self Control Works, Why it Matters and What you can Do to get MORE of it”… by Kelly McGonigal.

And what’s most important is that your precious, gorgeous body needs to know that you are enough, you are smart enough and compassionate enough to stay awake when the big energy comes through and use that expansion as fuel to serve those who are waiting for you.

Stay tuned to videos this Fall coming out from my new Ocean View Cottage…

Your clients are waiting… let’s do this thing Goddess… Together.
With HUGE Love,

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