Navigating the Push-Pull Relationship with Your Business

Hello beautiful entrepreneurial sister!

I recently wrapped up an 18-mile backpacking hike in Big Sur, California.

I pushed myself to hike the long trek with the weight of my pack on my shoulder.

I pulled myself to complete the hike because it’s a reward trip that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time and there were beautiful springs waiting for me at the other end.

This much-needed escape into nature is reminding me how important it is for us to embrace the push-pull energy we experience in life and business.

^^^Start Listening to “Navigating the Push-Pull Relationship with Your Business” NOW^^^

Let’s start with the “push” part.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the push. You may feel like you are…

  • Pushing yourself harder and harder
  • Getting pushed around by life and its setbacks
  • Falling into patterns of self-sabotage and comparison

Push energy is part of our divine feminine power. Women have the physiological power to push babies from our wombs and bring life into this world.

That’s what I invite you to do with your business. Channel the push energy into…

  • Finding the grit to get up again, stand tall, and move through resistance
  • Bringing a life-changing message and transformation to this planet
  • Giving yourself the resources you need to make a bigger difference

Allow the push energy to flow through you in service of your greater purpose. 

Moving on to “pull.”

Your pull energy comes from your big “why” for starting a business.

You feel a unique calling to…

  • Change more lives
  • Make a positive impact on this planet
  • Create freedom & prosperity in your life

Listen to your pull energy to guide yourself forward and give yourself the resources and rewards you really want in life. 

Create your own pull energy by scheduling things that you can look forward to, whether it be a reward trip, a weekly massage, or some quiet time with your loved ones.

The push-pull relationship in your business is all about balance. When you’re navigating hard times or having a bad day, call upon both energies to pull yourself through – not just push. 

You are an energy source, and you have the opportunity to receive push and pull energy and channel it into a life-changing business. 

It’s a dance and an opportunity to embrace all keys on your keyboard. 

Drop me a comment: What PULLS you forward in business?

I’m excited for you to rock this week in business, beauty.


You are unstoppable.

You have star power.

Your clients are waiting for you.

Let’s do this thing…together.


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miss nicola rose
miss nicola rose
8 months ago

this resonates alot for me . I love that you did the trip and im hoping to start tht in the next cpl of years hiking round the world x

miss nicola rose
miss nicola rose
8 months ago

im now receiving support check ins twice a week for the business

8 months ago

Self-care is spiritual care and when I fill up with the self care clients/patients show up. Just like when I show up for myself. Life is a mirror!

8 months ago

Wow Sage! I literally just got back last night from a week of backpacking the Oregon Coast. Been doing it in sections~ This was my fourth section. Average 10 miles or more a day. So needless to say, this was SO on point for me. There is something so magical about not only being in nature, but in pushing, in challenging ourselves. I so appreciated this encouragement as I “get back to work” this week. I’m going to dedicate more structure to my morning routine and evening routine in order to feel super stoked about sitting down at the computer. I’m also going to reach out to a biz sister for accountability. Thank you for your story and for your GRIT!

8 months ago

“Pain pushes until vision pulls.” I appreciate the idea of not only associating “the push” with business. Pushing is part of the process in all that we do. I am pushing a sermon out right now and I do feel in some ways like I’m giving birth! I want the message to truly be life-changing for all who hear. I know I need to work on giving myself more resources and support to get myself through to the other side of push-times for sure.

Lynne Wright
Lynne Wright
8 months ago

Truly a defining moment in everyone’s life who was on the trip you told about. We need to be in tuned to ourselves so we truly see the value in these live changing moments. Thank you for sharing so beautifully

5 months ago

Thank you Sage. Time to up the self care appointments again! What pulls me forward is making a positive, transforming impact in this world.

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