What to do if nobody comes to your workshop?

So often we avoid doing what we know needs to be done in our business.

We procrastinate making the scary phone calls that would actually get us a client, getting the speaking engagement on the calendar, or asking the referral partner to promote us.

Want to know how to stop procrastinating once and for all?

Here’s the thing… the reason we don’t take action is because some part of us is afraid that if we take that big of a risk, we will actually die.  We fear the things that feel like the biggest visibility, the biggest chance of failure, the biggest “putting ourselves out there”… because we think if we fail it will kill us.  But we won’t die, and it won’t kill us.

I know this sounds over-simple but stay with me.

I had a client show up to teach a workshop two weeks ago, and nobody came.  Our worst nightmare, right?

Wanna know what she did?  She stood there and delivered her entire workshop to a room full of empty chairs.  And the next day, she had a referral from someone who missed the workshop who hired her.

She showed up, and her worst fear happened, and she didn’t die.
Neale Donald Walsh used to show up and teach to stuffed animals if nobody came.  If Neale can do it, so can you.

When you show up, you face your worst fears and regardless of what happens, you’ll realize that you didn’t die in the process.  Even if you fall on your face, it won’t kill you.

And from the not dying, you’ll gain a confidence that pulls you forward in a way no amount of inner work can ever do.

And that confidence pulls in clients.

And there’s NO other way to gain that confidence than in just SHOWING UP.

There’s no amount of mind re-patterning, hypnotherapy, EFT or ABCDEFG for that matter, that will ever take the place of just getting out there and doing it, whether you fall on your face or not, you are meant to just step forward, even when you’re scared as hell.

One of my friends says… There’s nothing that’s going to EAT YOU, so just go for it!

But our primal brains don’t know the difference between anticipated failure and actual death.  So, the next time you want to procrastinate, remember this… There’s nothing here that’s going to eat you.

And you can’t get where you’re going without taking that scary action.  So, find a friend who will love you no matter what, even if you fall on your face, have them hold you accountable, and just show up.

Doors open to our Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy next May… consider joining this group of women busting out of their old habits of procrastination together, it’s one of the most life changing moves you’ll ever make.

So go build your business, you can do this sister.  Bust through those upper limits of yours with your bold action.  Action is alchemy.

Today’s ceiling is tomorrow’s floor.

Think big… it’s what the world needs right now.

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