Oprah gave her 1.5 million… My new friend

I recently spoke at the Emerging Women conference. I’ll be honest I was excited but a little burned out from the book launch, and exhausted from some of the emotional strain I’ve felt from wildfires and loved ones struggling… When I walked into the green room after getting off stage the second day, quite frankly I was looking for a place to take a nap.

Instead of collapsing on the couch, I was grabbed by one of the staff who wanted me to meet Dr. Tererai Trent, a Goddess from Zimbabwe who just wrote a book called “The Awakened Woman”.

Dr. Tererai & I started talking book details quickly, and what it means to bring a message as a woman – specifically a message that we as women are being asked to bring to help wake people up.

When I met this Goddess – I had NO idea she had been on Oprah, built schools for young women in Africa, or that she was going to change my life.

Good thing I didn’t tell her I was too tired to talk.
We think we’re tired, but life is happening.
We think we need rest, but we never know when a door is going to open.

And while I do want you to get enough sleep, I’m asking you to not fall asleep or go unconscious in the face of the struggle that’s happening on our planet right now.

Amidst the struggle, magic is still unfolding. You’re being guided.
A business is birthing through you.
And your feminine way of bringing that business into life is needed.
Life is behind you.

When she asked me if we could collaborate, the answer was YES without thinking – and we rolled straight into an interview for YOU, because I didn’t want you missing out on her wisdom.

Click below to check out the interview…

Dr. Tererai’s understanding of our little hungers versus our big hungers woke me right up out of my post-book launch trance and reminded me what it really means to live a life of meaning.

Do YOU want a BUSINESS full of Meaning, Philanthropy & Impact??

Dr. Tererai Trent is SO fully committed to her purpose and in this interview told me about her journey of building schools for girls all over Africa… she brought me to tears.

Dr. Tererai had 4 children at age 18 & one died in her arms, and as a survivor of all kinds of feminine suppression… she is standing for the global women’s journey with such conviction.

She’s standing… for YOU.

Go grab her book on Amazon- this is a GEM!
The Awakened Woman, by Dr. Tererai Trent.

Loving you sister.
We are all in this together… Let’s do this thing.


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