Proper Prosperity Consciousness

I was in Minnesota at my family cabin and balancing the energies of:

Scarcity vs. Prosperity
Doing vs. BEING

I know you know what I’m talking about. Building a business can feel like a MAJOR Balancing ACT.

As I’ve been launching this book… I’ve been getting SO CLEAR on WHY WE CHOSE Entrepreneurship in the first place. This is True Prosperity Consciousness… to know that we are enough and to NOT put success and wealth as more important than your relationships and well-being.

This journey of building a business is exciting, it exposes us to a spectrum of emotions and taking risks.

Rather than making it wrong… learn to eat stress for BREAKFAST and enjoy this journey of being ALL IN. Being fully present for your career… AND fully present for your relationships, health, and that which is most important in your life.

It’s about being present EVERYWHERE, it’s not necessarily about a quick dance to the finish line.

I think you’ll enjoy the video:

It’s early in the morning & I’m in my kayak on Lake Vermilion, Minnesota.

>>> POST YOUR TOP 3 PRIORITIES BELOW in your life… so the tribe can support you to stay BALANCED.

And let’s keep cultivating PROSPER PROSPERITY CONSCIOUSNESS in this tribe, with your clients and in your life.

Let’s do this thing, Goddess…Together.


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