Selling Spiritual Stuff with Sage Lavine & Eben Pagan

If you’re a spiritual coach, mentor or guide…

You’re going to LOVE this interview with Eben Pagan, my dear friend and client-attracting philosophy expert!

When I first met Eben a few years ago at Burning Man, (YEP! When you meet someone at Burning MAN it gets REAL super quickly…) Eben was clearly one of the most knowledgeable, deep and authentic people I’ve ever met about the…

  • Philosophy and vibration of attracting clients 
  • Spirituality of the the connection between a mentor and potential client
  • Energetics of selling conversations & the attraction of “yes!”

He knows more than everyone I’ve ever met about what I like to call the “martial arts of client enrollment.”

^^^Watch “Selling Spiritual Stuff with Sage Lavine & Eben Pagan”^^^

I’m so excited to share this interview, where Eben shares his game-changing strategies and best tips to…

  • Grow a 6-figure business with an endless stream of clients by taking daily action
  • Implement some of the money hacks that top-earning coaches do every day
  • Attract more “yes” in your selling conversations through the philosophy and spirituality of selling
  • Use the “martial arts of client enrollment” to fill your practice

Here are 2 of my favorite hacks from this training:

#1. Ask Questions to Your Ideal Clients

The best way to attract your ideal clients is to market your services using their language. Take every opportunity to ask questions to your ideal clients and uncover their SPECIFIC desires and obstacles. 

Your top marketing should simply & clearly explain the exact problem they want to solve and offer a practical solution to achieve this transformation by working with YOU. 

#2. Choose a Magnetic Name for Your Training

Eben’s first Ebook was named “Double Your Dating.” What a HOT title! The simpler you can make the names of your trainings and marketing materials, the more MAGNETIC they will feel for your ideal clients. 

Eben offers some seriously deep-dive training, and his training titles are super simple, clear, and easy to understand – which is a huge part of his client-attracting success.

You’re going to LOVE Eben’s approach to enrolling clients endlessly, boosting your income, and changing more lives!

Let’s do this thing…together.


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6 months ago

I’m a spiritual purpose coach, so…I sell spiritual stuff. 🙂 The two questions that stood out to me are “what are you trying to achieve?” and “what are you trying to avoid/prevent?” (17:51) These are so basic but so useful and insightful for mindset and motivation. We can ask this of people in general, but of course to our target audience as well. Stellar!

6 months ago

So inspiring! My fav gems were:

The idea that coaching is really just helping ppl make decisions… that ppl lack clarity, direction, & leadership to make their decisions.

The formula:

1) What are you trying to achieve

2) What are you trying to Avoid/ Prevent

3) WHY?

4) & What are the NEXT STEPS that are needed to take in Life . . .

So resonate of the WRB Forumla! Making it OK for us to BE a support for others to help make decisions… as well as allowing ourselves the space to seek self support in asking these questions . ..

LOVE IT! Thank you Sage & Eben Pagan!! Great Interview!

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