Strengthen the Super-Shero Within You


The past few weeks have been totally amazing.

Over 11,000 women said “yes” to being speaker super-sheroes at my Rock the Stage Challenge. 

We experienced huge breakthroughs.
We created an incredible container of support, sisterhood, and feedback.
We took action and created so much online visibility for our heart-centered businesses. 

These women are already getting big results like…

“I just booked 3 paying clients!”
“I have several dozen people signed up for my free training.”
“My online community has already grown 10x.”

I am so proud of these courageous super-sheroes for rocking their businesses.

So today I’m inviting you to tune into the 4 speaker superpowers we have within us as women speakers. I’m also sharing my journey to feeling like a super-shero… and why your unique experiences are the ultimate biz-building tool. 

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Honest share, rockstar…

I used to be a shy kid.

I wasn’t really in touch with what it meant to have a hero until I started really forming an amazing bond with my grandfather.

He taught me how to identify trees.
How to sail and how to ski.
How to recognize all the varieties of cacti on our property in Arizona.

He was a man of the wilderness. As a young woman, I decided…
I want to be just like him.

I ended up taking a position where I led girls into the wilderness on small retreats. Eventually, I got the ultimate opportunity. 

I got to lead the big trip in the Canadian Rockies.

8 weeks.
6 guides.
23 teenage girls.
3 vans.

This was the first time that I really felt like a super-shero.

On the trips, I was constantly asked the same question by those who we met during our travels. 

“Where are your guides?”

What they meant was…
“Where are the men?”

(Take a deep breath into that, sister.)

One time, I even had to sit in the van for an hour with the girls while they confirmed we didn’t need any male guides with us. 

I learned I was one of the few female guides in the Canadian Rockies. 

Here are my powerful learnings from this experience:

#1. Women need to stick together.
#2. Women have unique life experiences that make us the super-sheroes we are.
#3. Our voices are needed.
Plus #4. I love men! But the super-shero journey is different in many ways.

Beauty, the experiences you’ve been through in your life are now part of your superpower. 

That’s what we’re here to IGNITE.

The world needs your leadership and your voice right now.

That’s why I’d love you to take some time today to get in touch with the 4 speaker superpowers. Here’s a quick overview.

VISIONARY | AIR | EAST (I’m a visionary!)

If you’re a visionary, you know your vision has to be bigger than your to-do list.

You’re here to guide people to the highest versions of themselves and remind them that they can’t get stuck in their story, obstacles, or gremlins that may be holding them back.

You have an amazing ability to help your clients get clear on their purpose and step into living their best lives.

Your clients want to work with you because you can stand in their vision and put a stake in the ground to say, “it’s time to make your greatest vision a reality.”

MOTIVATOR | FIRE | SOUTH (My grandfather was a motivator!)

This superpower serves to help people rise into their greatest transformations. As a motivator, you’re not afraid to…

  • Stand in the fire with your clients
  • Call your clients forth to live their best lives
  • Bring the high energy your clients need

You embody the element of fire, and command “yes” energy when you’re rocking the stage. 

You have the gift of holding the highest intentions during your offer and inspiring your ideal clients to take action.


Truth teller, you are here to wake people up.

You have mastered the ability of calling people beyond complacency or mediocrity in a way that’s aligned with love and a deep level of care.

You know what’s standing in your clients’ way, and you’re not afraid to tell them when they’re playing small or dwelling in excuses. 

You are able to inspire your potential clients with love-based enrollment conversations. 


As a nurturer, you have the gifts of care, love, and empathy.

You understand the saying, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

During your offer, you create a deep sense of care and compassion with your audience before teaching them the content they need to know.

Your clients know you’ll fight for their desires with your purpose-driven business. 

Now that you know more about the superpowers, it’s so important to know…

  • Which superpower represents you the most
  • Which superpower you’d like to strengthen & keep building

***Take the Speaker Superpower Quiz to find out your leading speaker superpower!***

Let us know in the comments: Which are your strongest AND weakest archetypes?

Now get out there and rock this week, sister.

Embrace your unique super-shero journey!

You got this.

Let’s do this thing…together.


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21 days ago


21 days ago

Weakest – Visionary
Strongest – Motivator

21 days ago

Oh yeah!!! Ready for a breakthrough!!!

21 days ago

Me!! Even stronger saleswoman.

21 days ago

My SuperPower is Motivator!!

20 days ago

Strongest: Nurturer
Weakest: Nurturer
My gift is that I care and relate to people. My heart opens for them and I am good at holding space with someone. I like to make people feel like they matter. This can also be a weakness, I tend to over teach, I want to give the person absolutely everything I can to help them. I am overly concerned for some ones wellbeing and take on their failures personally, I feel like I have failed them. I need to realize that it is the person’s responsibility to take action for their own growth and to better their situation. Thanks for this exercise. I never realized this before.

Michele Latimer
20 days ago

I’m ready for Breakthrough!

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