The Entrepreneurial Miracle Zone with Marci Shimoff & Sage Lavine

Today’s training is all about how to attract MIRACLES into your life & biz!

I’m so excited to be joined by Marci Shimofff, my incredible friend & colleague who has supported me to live my most miraculous life. 

Marci is a New York Times bestselling author of many books, including Happy for No Reason and 6 Chicken Soup for the Soul titles, and world-renowned trainer and miracles. She’s spent the past 3 decades inspiring people to do more, be more, and have more by entering into the “miracle zone.”

In this interview, Marci and I are sharing our best tips for…

  • Manifesting miracles for your life & business
  • Removing blocks subconsciously pushing away miracles
  • Determining how open you are to receiving miracles right now

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According to the dictionary, a miracle is:

 “A surprise and welcome event that can’t be explained by science, that’s often attributed to divine grace.”

We can’t create miracles… but we can create the conditions for miracles to flow into our lives.

Marci teaches a simple 3-step system to begin the process of manifesting more miracles.

Step #1 – Intention

Get clear about what you want

Step #2 – Attention

Put your thoughts, words, feelings, and actions into it.

Step #3 – No Tension

Let go, allow, and relax.

If you’re like most people, you may be really good at 1 or 2 of these steps, but you may struggle with 1 or 2 pieces as well. (Step #3 is the hardest for me!)

The truth is, we need all 3 to make them work.

You may be unconsciously blocking yourself from the miracles the universe is sending your way. One of the ways to block our miracles is by feeling unworthy or lacking self-love. 

Marci developed a short 5-question self-reflection quiz to determine if you’re pushing away your miracles:

#1. Do you have a hard time accepting compliments?

#2. Do you have a hard time receiving gifts?

#3. Do you have a hard time asking for and receiving support?

#4. Do you have a hard time accepting things that come easily to you? 

#5. Do you have a hard time appreciating and expressing what you have because you don’t want others around you to feel bad that they don’t have it?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, you are subconsciously pushing away miracles and blocking the “good” the universe is trying to send you. Be mindful of the next time you experience any of these things and ask yourself how you can be more open to receiving. 

Mind-blowing, right? Marci’s training has helped me remove my miracle-attracting blocks and start receiving with more goodness & abundance in my life. 

That’s why I highly recommend her Ebook that she’s currently sharing with our community. You’ll discover how to enter your entrepreneurial miracle zone and start standing in your worth!

Ebook: The 4 Biggest Mistakes that Keep You From Living a Miraculous Life

This ebook is a must-read if you’d like to know how to…

  • Release old energy that’s keeping you stuck in the past
  • Replace feelings of lack or unworthiness with deep and lasting self-love
  • Turn around the self-sabotaging mindset of always expecting the worst
  • Identify the people in your life who might be interfering with your desire for miracles
  • Plus so much more

>>>Download The 4 Biggest Mistakes that Keep You From Living a Miraculous Life

Rockstar, you are worthy of all the miracles coming your way!

You got this. Your clients are waiting. 

Let’s do this thing…together.


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