The Power of Commitment

Hi Beauty.

I have two questions for you:
How committed are you to growing your business?
How committed are you to getting your clients RESULTS?

Whether you’re “I’m all in, yes!” or “Eh, I’m not feeling it lately” or somewhere in between, I invite you to take a moment to check in with commitment today. 

^^^Watch “The Power of Commitment” Now ^^^

Here’s the thing about commitment:
It actually matters the most when we’re in those moments of feeling stretched to show up.

It comes more easily when we’re about to rock the stage or lead a big event, right? 

That’s why it’s so important to regularly check-in with yourself and recommit to your business (and the people that you’re here to help.)

I’m here to remind you that you were not given this gift by accident.

You are a messenger on behalf of the universe, here to change the lives of people who are searching for the unique transformation only you provide. 

The world is struggling and people are in need of coaches, mentors, healers, and changemakers now more than ever. 

So when you’re committing to your business… you’re really saying “yes” to all the lives that you’re here to change.

YES = You Evolving Spiritually. 

The degree in which you’re willing to grow your business depends on the degree in which you’re willing to grow yourself.

Tell me in the comments: 

What are you doing this week to commit fully to your business?

Your clients are waiting for you.
They’re not just waiting for someone like you.
They are actually waiting for YOU.

Get out there and commit, rockstar!

Let’s do this thing…together.


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14 days ago

I needed to hear this. I am fully committed, but something is standing in my way, blocking me from moving forward. What is is?

It is ME. I am getting in the way.

There are women out there looking for me – they just know that I am out there because I’m scared of failing them.

Well Sage, you gave me a kick in the butt. I needed that!

Forward ho’

Pascale Cook-Fernandes
Reply to  Patti

I love this because you’re so spot on! You’re failing them by NOT showing up. Showing up, imperfectly, is being their leader!

mary carew
14 days ago

Yes im very commited to supporting my clients.I have guided and supported many people over the last twenty years.I had to restore my health, but i am ready now to continue.I have to make changes to my website and have all my power point presentations ready.

Sharon H
14 days ago

I’m committed to making an impact on the lives of nurse professionals. I need to clear my plate…and focus on moving forward. Clearing my path of “shiny objects” can help me move along without sapping all of my energy. Let’s go.

14 days ago

Sage I am so grateful you are showing me the way to help on a global level!

Sylvester Eyo
Sylvester Eyo
13 days ago

Yes, I must say that I am fully committed to Marketing consulting clients.
It’s all about mental. Physical and strategic commitment to create clarity and consistency of business processes, frameworks flows with blue print.
The global market space is Shifting and challenging.
It takes commitment to research uncertainty to achieve new possibilities.
The reasons why I keep learning new ways of solving problems within customers and clients empathy and research to achieve results that resonate with their desires.
Thank you for the privilege to learn more about commitment.

13 days ago

I am working on my bonus packages you sent me. I spent all day Sunday (my only day off work) doing the workbook and watching and taking notes on the podcasts 😍

Norette Leahy
13 days ago

Thank you Sage for this. i love your question. What did you do today for your business? A good reminder.
Nora Therese

Pascale Cook-Fernandes

Signing up for Profitable Speaker Training has 100% led me to recommit to my business, because it shows the the blueprint I need to follow vs trying to figure it all out for myself. It’s given me renewed energy and drive, so thank you!

12 days ago

They are actually waiting for YOU.
I commit 100% 3 hrs daily undisturbed to my business, one hr for personal growth.
I am in financial services Canada

7 days ago


Theresa Setefano
Theresa Setefano
15 hours ago

Yes I’m committed and really would love to learn it all

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