The Resistance to Sell Spiritual Gifts

Your spiritual gifts deserve to be received by those who need them.

I know some of you are resistant to selling them. It can feel like putting a price tag on your heart, right? But I believe your soul has designed this journey for you. You are meant to do this.

I’ve had the honor of working with 500K women all over the world… helping them create high-ticket programs out of their spiritual gifts. I’d love to show you how to do the same.

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In this episode, I share how you can break the resistance to selling, along with:

  • How you can feel at total peace with charging for your spiritual gifts
  • A mindset shift that can change how you feel about needing money to run your business
  • The truth about how charging for your gifts can ignite a bigger transformation for your clients

Honestly, if you have any kind of resistance to sales this episode is going to be helpful for you, my sisters. Self-actualization and growth are right there waiting for you on the other side of that discomfort.

You’re not NEEDY for needing money… we all do, especially if we run a business. . And you’re on your way to building divine partnerships with other humans who NEED your gifts. It’s an energy exchange and they genuinely want the transformation you provide.

Remember, your clients are not waiting for someone like you. They’re waiting FOR you.

Get moving, sister!


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